Cass said...

Only three days? Lucky.

Anonymous said...

Last night I had a strange dream where I was being held captive (I watch too much SVU). I was sitting in a room in a row of armchairs with his other 3 hostages. The bad guy told a boy to get up and I saw he was wearing a t-shirt that said "Turner-Neal's Bar & Grill" and I was just about to ask if he was related to Chris from 2b1b when I woke up! NOW I WILL NEVER KNOW

Beatrice said...

You meant Luray Caverns, right?...

Anonymous said...

Off for Hanukkah this week?

hijabeng said...

I'm curious....where did all those people that leave comments go? Come back 2b1b people! I miss you!!!...sigh...back to work.

Melissa said...

I think they've given up. I've never complained before but the reality is that without consistency, the fanbase will leave. This is the first time I've checked in over a week and I use to refresh 2birds1blog approximately 3 billion times a day (conservative estimate) in case something new posted.

LL said...

.. That was way harsh, Tai.

kerri said...

I guess they're just super busy? I used to be the same way re: refreshing... But I still come back every day :)

I have faith in you meg and chris!

and BTW - the books are great!

Not NOT Stoned said...



Anonymous said...

"way harsh tai" LOVE the reference I say that all the time!

Bybee said...

I really enjoyed The Misanthrope's Guide to Life, and also your blog. Hint.

Anonymous said...

So much for going back to posting Monday-Friday. I just can't wait for the new outlandish excuse.

Anonymous said...

It will include something like tripping over Obama and busting her hand open and throwing up all over the first lady at the sight of the bone and blood. And she just hasn't been "able to tell that story, because it's just not funny" to her yet.

Enicholsdesign said...

Why are 2b1b readers a bunch of assholes? Good god, if you don't have something nice to comment --- KEEP IT TO YOURSELF! Nobody wants to read a bunch of negativity here .... get lost.

Anonymous said...

So blogs are only allowed to have positive comments, even when they don't deserve them? That's not biased whatsoever...

Sarah said...

I agree with Cass. Next time I have mine I'm going into hibernation. It will be better for everyone. Also, more posts! Holiday family stories are the best!

Anonymous said...

people can say whatever they want (obviously) but I personally think it's stupid and a waste of time to complain about a lack of posts. it's a little disappointing, sure, but why do so many people feel so entitled to new material and endless entertainment? surely you can't have all donated to that paypal, so you're not owed anything. and even if you did, it's a donation, not a required fee. expecting a guarantee out of that is your own fault.

Anonymous said...

^Wasting time complaining about people wasting time complaining.

Anonymous said...

Haha ^like

Anonymous said...

*grasshoppers chirping*

Hanna said...

I donated money to you. At the time, I did so happily, in exchange for the entertainment you provided me a few times a week. I felt like I owed it to you, because you were providing me a service. Now, I feel like a chump who got scammed out of her money on the internet. I sent it away hopefully and get absolutely nothing in return. You've turned me into the 80-year-old ladies who fork over the cash for some bullshit charity when the con men come a-callin'. Shame on me, I guess.

Jess said...

Just sad. You had more posts in 2008.

Anonymous said...

You guys obviously don't give a shit about this blog anymore, just admit it.

Emily said...

I think this was only no-post-month. Rest. Time to create ideas. Coming back strong into the new year. I like it.

Anonymous said...

the "Chris is typing" in the image is frustratingly ironic

Anonymous said...

I was going to buy your books as a belated Christmas gift to myself. I've since decided not to. If you cannot even dedicate the most minimal effort into the vehicle which launched your writing career, or acknowledge that that vehicle has run its course, I cannot be bothered to type in my debit card number to purchase the books.

Sweet Sooz said...


Tessa said...

Well, no posts on Jan 3-5, so I assume that Meg actually IS menstruating in a cave. Which is cool, I guess. What kind of cave-menstruating shenanigans will she have gotten up to? I can't wait to read about them when the bloggers return!

Anonymous said...

I think Tessa means IF the bloggers return...

Anonymous said...

Every time I check the blog for new posts I feel an urge to click the X and exit out of that chat box...lol. We miss you, I'm sure you're busy and have things going on. If you went back to a regular scheduled and did some monetizing I'm sure things would pick up.

Anonymous said...

Today is the 6th.... where you at meggles?

808Marty said...

Don't know why people are complaining. This blog is by far my favorite to read. So it's been awhile since the last post...get over it or even better, read their book. If you are too cheap to buy their book, then read the archives. WTF!

I miss their MERCH section of the website. I guess someone finally bought Kevin Yang and they have yet to find a replacement.

S said...

I miss the days when there were no posts from the authors, and the comment section was what you came to see. People complaining, people defending the authors, people fighting with each other, it was so entertaining! There'd be 60, 70+ comments on one post. Now there's hardly any commenters left, they haven't posted 3 weeks and there's barely 30 comments. It's sad.

Anonymous said...

^ Agreed, I come back here just to read the comments every day (I've accepted there will probably be no post).

Anonymous said...

wow, this blog BLOWSSSS

Anonymous said...

I wish if they were going to stop posting they would just let us know. Then I wouldn't be so bummed every time I check. Which has gone from multiple times a day to once a week, maybe. I have bought the books, but like the blog better. I don't see what the problem is about complaining that something you love is no longer around. Seems to make sense to me. They did post for our entertainment, so I think its reasonable to be upset. Anyways, guess we'll see soon enough.

Anonymous said...

^well said

Anonymous said...

i forgot about kevin yang... shit.

hijabeng said...

Actually, let's discuss the book. I read Misanthrope after Meg posted it was available for free kindle download. I read it and I kind of found it..... kinda meh. Some parts of it seemed really forced, like the actual needing to have some sort of structure limited them. I think the blog is so much better. Thoughts?

Jan said...

+1 Well said! The structure I think did really limit it. Blog is a million times funnier.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the book but I agree that it felt more constrained than the blog, which is of course both a positive and a negative.
A positive in that a blog allows you to talk ad nauseam about just about anything you please and negative in that without the constraints and pressures (of the book publishing business) there can be long periods of no productivity or content.
I sincerely hope you are both well Meg and Chris and I hope you come back soon.

Anonymous said...

7 days away from No Post Month!

Anonymous said...

We're going to need a serious explanation for this abandonment!

Lars said...

guys c'mon

Anonymous said...

...is anyone else getting genuinely worried? there's usually at least a frantic apology by this point...

Anonymous said...

Of course we're not worried. Meg's still tweeting. She just doesn't care about the blog anymore until it's time to sell copies of their 3rd book.

Anonymous said...

yeah, I'm not buying the new book b/c I didn't like the first one nearly as much as the blog and now they don't even blog anymore. I get that people take breaks for the holidays and other stuff but at least other bloggers let you know beforehand and tell you when to expect them back. That's all anyone is asking for

Anonymous said...

i donated 10 bucks when Meg was begging for money. I downloaded the 1st book for free. Not crazy about it, but at least I broke even. Won't be buying the second book. I like the blog much more. It seems to me that they could actually make money off the blog, if they committed themselves to blogging 5x a week. Through advertisers, or a monthly fee or something. I'd pay 5 bucks a month to have a new post every day, M-F. Get 1,000 people to pay 5 bucks a month, and they make a pretty good living.

Anonymous said...

Bummer. :/ My friend just turned me on to this blog and now it has stalled out. Hope you guys come back!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

actually meg hasn't twittered in 7 days, and the last one was about an emergency...maybe we should be worried?

Anonymous said...

oh dear... hopefully everything is ok

*NotablyNeurotic said...

I love the bitching that goes on in these comment sections. It's a blog. It's not that serious. Highly entertaining and enjoyable to read? Yes. But a national crisis when the posts stop for awhile? No.

Hope everything's okay! We're anxiously waiting for your next post! :)

Anonymous said...

And I get tired of the consummate defending of Meg and Chris. They have stated on several occasions that they were (are?) trying to make writing their career. They have posted donation links, spent blog posts advertising their writing, and complained consistently about their lack of income. Although they are clearly very talented writers I think this blog has proven that they do not have the drive or motivation to be "self employed".

Anonymous said...

^ i'm really glad someone finally said that

Chicago James said...

I think Meg tried to be "self employed" for over a year and it sounds like it didn't exactly keep her rolling in the Kashi like Scrooge McDuck, so she's been trying to find a real job and/or go to grad school. Imagine that, the real world and real obligations can take precedence. If she's not supporting herself doing this, how long is she required to stay in order to make you all happy? Until she has to move back in with her parents? If you donated, it was because you appreciated what she'd already written; it's kind of bullshit to turn around and say, "Well I donated once so why isn't she making me laugh forever?" There's like 700 posts on this blog, go back and read a few for a second time. Not everything awesome lasts forever - sometimes it only lasts one season, just ask Joss Whedon.

Gabrielle said...

@Chicago James
Fuck yeah Joss Whedon!

Anonymous said...

Of course there's nothing wrong with Meg trying to find a another job or going back to grad school. People aren't annoyed about that (which, let's be real, probably isn't happening), they're annoyed about the fact that neither Meg nor Chris have the common courtesy to just say, "Welp, we're done with the blog." Instead, they disappear for weeks at a time, and then come back with some outlandish story/excuse for their absence in the hopes that it will appease their remaining fans. Everyone's busy, but how long does it take to type a short fucking post saying you won't be back for X amount of time?

It's all about the sales of a few mediocre books.

Anonymous said...

yeah, i could've dealt with the constant book-shilling if the books were good, but they blew. hard. i wasted ten bucks.

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