How to get an A in PR

They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade, right? Well, that's exactly what I'm trying to do with this whole "getting fired" thing. Sure the entire experience was mildly traumatizing and has me spinning upside down on a pole three nights a week at Camelot (Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. Ask for Fallon O'Carrington.) but I think it may have been the kick in the ass I need to get more serious about my writing and finding a way to make this here rickety old blog my bread and butter. Unfortunately to do this you need to be far more communications savvy than I actually am. If you need someone to come over and watch reality TV with you, crack a few mildly humorous jokes and eventually give you a really half-assed hand job; I'm your girl. If you need someone to market your blog to potential sponsors, advertisers and media people in a professional and confident manner; I am not your girl. Either way; sucks to be me.

I can't market this blog to save my life. Wanna know a little fun fact I never told you about? I had a very casual meeting with MTV in December. They like my writing, bless their hearts. Then they had to go and actually talk to me in person. MISTAKE #1, YOU GUYS. Mistake #1. Why? Oh, I don't know. Maybe because when they asked me what my five year plan was I rambled about exercising more and getting a pug while struggling to find a way a to make my arm placement look natural? How about that? Sigh.

If I really do just want to sit here all day writing love letters to you fine people (which I do), I need to find a way to confidently talk about my blog without de-railing 13 seconds in and concluding with, "NEVER MIND IT'S STUPID I MOSTLY JUST TALK ABOUT MY BOWEL MOVEMENTS AND HOW AWKWARD I AM I'VE JUST WASTED YOUR TIME SO G2G KILL MYSELF NOW BYE." How did this happen? I was a communications minor, for Christ's sake! And isn't AU's SOC supposed to be like, really good or some shit? That's when I remember the absolute show that was COMM-301 (Public Relations) and suddenly my complete and utter communication ineptitude makes a a lot more sense.

I took PR my last semester at college and it was destined to be a hot mess from the start. First of all, it was a block class. May god smite you all in the American University registrar's office for your intense love of block scheduling! For those of you not in the know, block scheduling is when instead of having a class twice a week, you only have it once a week, but it's two and a half hours long. Look guy, that is a tall fucking order. I can't even concentrate on a date for that long and that has the possibility of ending in sex. To make matters worse, it was my second back-to-back block class of the day. Right before PR, I had a two and a half hour Postmodern Art History class. And yowzahs. What a Wednesday. I was sufficiently chock full o' bullshit by the end of that semester.

What really didn't help my already dwindling attention span was the fact that I took this class with College Roommate Danielle. In retrospect, what a grossly horrible idea that was. Danielle and I have the combined maturity of Romper Room. We once stole a life-size cardboard cut out of LeBron James from Mazza Galleria based solely on the absurdity that is this commercial:

Locking us in a class full of comm nerds for two and a half hours was like giving a couple of 12-year-old boys with severe ADHD a handful of pixie sticks, a box of fireworks and a match and saying, "Have at it." Was it entertaining? God yes. Did we learn anything? God no.

I did love our professor, however. He was an adjunct professor by the name of Tim Wild* who works at a major PR firm downtown. I'm utilizing an asterisk there because that's obviously in no way his real name. (Sorry. A girl as lazy as me can only handle so many lawsuits at once.) We were 100% obsessed with Tim Wild. Like, perhaps inappropriately so. And I'd like to think he loved us right back! To this day we're his only two friends on Facebook and it warms my little heart. Every now and then Facebook suggests I "reconnect" with Tim Wild and I'm like, "IF ONLY!!!1"

Professor Wild—who we (very much to his face) called (and not because he told us to) Timmy—had just moved to DC from Houston where he was the head of PR for a major rodeo arena. I'd say about an hour and 45 minutes of every class was spent listening to Timmy's wacky tales of rodeo life. Lord knows they had absolutely nothing to do with PR, but Christ I'm glad I know about 'em.

Just like how I couldn't concentrate in therapy because my therapist looked like a tall Verne "Mini-Me" Troyer, I couldn't concentrate in PR because Timmy Wild looks just like Peter Griffin from Family Guy. Seriously. The resemblance is uncanny in the most distracting way possible and made everything he said that much more hilarious. Not like Timmy needed any help in the humor department. If an hour and 45 minutes of class was dedicated to rodeo stories, the other 45 minutes were dedicated to his hee-larious and long-winded tangents. A lecture with Timmy would start out being about the value of press ethics and morph into a 30-minute rant about what a bitch Ashley Judd was when she stood up Timmy's radio show in college to go to a sorority event. Seriously, that's one of the few things I retained from that class. Ashley Judd went to college with Professor Timmy Wild and stood up his radio show. What a bitch. How do you write a press release? Fuck if I know.

Our classmates were just as ridiculous as our beloved Timmy. I'm more than aware I'm about to alienate a large portion of readers when I say this, but I can not stand overzealous comm majors. I get it. You're really good with people. You like to mingle. And network. You have a blackberry yet can't legally drink at a bar yet. You're very important; got it. Now stop reminding me every single chance you get. No one gives a shit about your internship or what local NBC news anchor you met over the weekend. Christ. Being a comm minor, I had to deal with overzealous comm majors frequently, but I had never experienced such an overwhelmingly high concentration of them in once class like I did in PR. Danielle and I immediately found and befriended the only two other slackers in the class (that's out of a class of 35...) and we made a pact that we'd always work together in the far too frequent "real world scenario" group exercises. One chick was a stoner who sold hula hoops on the quad and the other was quite possibly the most Bro-tastic frat boy to ever exist at AU, who fell off a porch and broke his leg a week into the semester and rarely showed up. We were like the Geneva Convention of slack assery. We'd be given a task like figure out what we'd do if we were the PR people for NIH and Avian Flu broke out or something like that and while every other group would present these polished press releases that they had already gotten published on the wire just for funzies, Timmy would call on our group and be like, "Well, well, well...what did you four geniuses cook up today?" We'd then awkwardly shuffle papers back and forth and look at each other expectantly until Danielle inevitably got up, shifted her eyes back and forth, slowly said "Synergy" and sat back down. Then Timmy would be like "OH, YOU GUYS!" and move on. Every single time. God I loved that man.

I've given it some honest-to-god thought, and I can say I only remember learning four concrete lessons in that class (besides the fact that Ashley Judd is a bitch and will stand you up if you have a radio show), which I will gladly share with you now.

#1. Professor Wild had a little saying that he told us often, but not nearly often enough. It was Timmy's mantra when he did PR for the rodeo. What was it? "Send in the retards." I'm not saying it's right, I'm not saying I agree with it, I'm just saying that that was Timmy's go-to motto when things got rough. "If something goes wrong, and I mean like really, really wrong," Professor Wild told us, "I always say this little phrase we had at the rodeo—send in the retards." [Pause for Danielle and I to shoot awake and give each other synchronized looks that clearly communicate "DID HE JUST SAY THAT?!", glance around the room, notice that nobody is sharing our reaction, proceed to urinate pants, move on.] "You see, whenever something really unfavorable or embarrassing happened at the rodeo that put us in a bad light, we'd host a day for the mentally disabled or a local elementary school or something. Because you see class, sometimes the best thing to do in a crisis situation is to admit fault and work to shift the focus from the negative back to the positive. So, send in the retards!"

This lesson, to this day, is one of the most absurdly ridiculous things I have ever heard in my entire life. Not because it's heinously inappropriate, not because it came from the real life manifestation of Peter Griffin, but mostly because it came out of the mouth of a man paid buku dollars for his expertise in how to appropriately address the public. Uh-mazing irony.

#2. One day the PR Director for some ocean conserving non-profit...thing came in to give our class a presentation on how to handle a last minute catastrophe. The title of his presentation had "catastrophe" in it, so I figured it had to be interesting, right? Wrong. This was the most boring two hours of my entire life and I still resent that man for taking them away from me. The PR Director was this thin waif of a blonde gentleman wearing a queer little seashell tie, who needed a stern lesson in how to tell a story. Allow me to compress an hour of his story into one sentence: his non-profit led an expedition into a sunken battleship from the Civil War and they made a startling discovery. He would not shut up about this alleged startling discovery. The build-up was insane. For a solid 15 minutes he was like, "What we found on that ship changed everything for everyone. TIME STOOD STILL. Worlds collided. Men were made and broken in a single moment. Dreams were shattered. Lives destroyed. Friends became foe. It was the most intense moment of my entire professional career and the lives of 100 men and women relied on my next move." BLOKAY! WE GET IT! SHUT THE FUCK UP AND TELL US WHAT HAPPENED ALREADY, YOU LITTLE TWIT! Finally he told us what happened: they found human skeletal remains. On the sunken battle ship. From a war. Yes, a battle ship used in war. That sank. Somebody died. That was the big controversial catastrophe.

Danielle raised her hand, "Uh, I think I'm a little confused here. Why is it so shocking that you found skeletal remains on a sunken battle ship from 1863?" The PR director laughed at her like she had just asked, "Was there scary octopuses on there, mister?!"

"I don't think you get it, young lady. We found human remains on a battle ship from the Civil War. People are still awfully sensitive about that. Especially in the south!"

"Yeah..." Danielle continued, "But it's a sunken battleship. How could you not think you'd find human remains?"

"Well! As it turns out, we did! I looked in the communications guide for the expedition and there was a whole chapter on how to handle finding human remains! So we were fine! Moral of the story: always be prepared."

I thought I was going to shoot myself in the fucking face. An hour and a half build-up for that.
I guess I learned three things here: 1.) The south is still deeply sensitive about the Civil War; 2.) Always be prepared; 3.) Storytelling is not an art form for everyone.

3.) For our final project, we had to design a professional PR plan for the business of our choice. A girl we called "Southern Girl" did her project on a new home development in her home state of Oklahoma. Southern Girl was 16 different kinds of insufferable. She looked like Jenna Bush, dressed like Barbara Bush, Sr. had an obnoxiously large Louis Vuitton bag that she was forever fishing shit out of, had a deep southern accent and despite being dumb as a box of hair thought she was the tits. Southern Girl delivered her PR presentation like a slick big-city lawyer type. She wore a business suit! She had a laser pointer! She walked slowly around the room with her fingers interlaced like Mr. Burns and nodded her head a lot! It was, for lack of better words, fucking obnoxious. Then she got to the portion of her presentation where she talked about what kind of homes would be located on the development: log cabins.

"But these aren't just any log cabins," Southern Girl explained, "These log cabins are made from jen-you-wine spruce trees grown right here in the great state of Oklahoma. Our craftsmen shave these trees down by hand for a finish that is out of this world. Our hand smoothed logs will be like nothing you have ever seen and nothing you've ever touched before. Nobody has logs smoother than ours! You can't help yourself but reach out and touch our hand smoothed logs as you walk by. You just gotta feel our hand smoothed logs once to know what kind of quality this development will house. I got a sample here; feel free to come up and rub our hand smoothed logs for yourself."

I thought I was going to pee my pants if she said "hand smoothed log" one more time. Because: penis. Penis, penis, penis. It was one of those situations I frequently find myself in where I'm internally laughing about something because I'm a child and then I realize that someone else, in this case Danielle, is also trying not to laugh and the situation becomes that much more impossible. Lesson learned: "hand smoothed log" is never not the funniest thing to come out of the mouth of a homely girl in a business suit.

4.) This last lesson was learned immediately after Southern Girl finished her presentation. The next person to present was this Meeky girl who was clearly really nervous and struggling to get through her presentation. Her voice was trembling and she was saying "uh" and "um" a lot and talking on the fly, versus Southern Girl and her well rehearsed script. I understand that when you're talking off of the top of your head, you don't phrase things exactly the way you mean to. I get that. However, this girl accidentally said the most magical thing. She delivered a good point about how the best way to publicize an event for her business was to inundate the internet, radio and television with advertisements. Then, probably due to nerves, she kept rambling and said the following sentence:

"We need to advertise in as many places as possible. Because, you know, sometimes you just have to come [pauses] in their faces.........[longer pause].................................................................with information."

Danielle and I 100% lost our shit. All the "hand smoothed log" laughter we had been suppressing came pouring out and then some. Tears were streaming down our faces; we were physically grabbing each other for support. By the time we had regained composure, we looked around the room and realized that we were the only people laughing. Frankly, any embarrassment I should have been feeling was canceled out by how confused I was that nobody else in a class of 35 people thought the wholesome looking Meek saying "Sometimes you just have to come in their faces," was the funniest thing uttered in the history of human speech. Every time Danielle says it to me, it's like I'm hearing it for the first time. I am literally cackling in the darkness of my apartment, alone, as I write this right now. If I close my eyes I can still see her saying it. I remember everything about what she was wearing that day and where I was sitting in relation to where she was sitting and just everything. It was like falling in love for the first time.

So final lesson learned: sometimes you just have to come [pause] in their faces.

...And yes I did get an A in this class. God bless you, American University. Welp! I'll be telling potential advertisers to fuck off and die if anyone needs me! L8r!


Claire said...

Chin up, little soldier. I have the solution. Get yourself an obnoxiously-motivated comm major intern to do the hard work of marketing the blog FOR you. They get a project, you get to not have to do your own PR. Pay them in Jager. BOOM. DONE. Victory.

You're welcome,

Claire said...

Oh, also, this is one of your most effing hilarious posts ever. Well-played, madam.

Anonymous said...
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Ashley said...

Fantastically hilarious post. I ended up in the Communications field post-college (was not an obnoxiously-motivated comm major however- no comm school at UVA) and I think this post pretty much sums up the industry and majority of the people in it hahaha. Also- I would GLADLY do your PR for free and I'm sure a ton of other readers would too; this blog is amazing! <3 you Meghan McBlogger!

Rachel said...

omg that shit was hilarious meghan. so funny. Unemployed meghan is so funny! I love it!

Sarah said...

Dear Blessed Virgin Meg, Good Sweet Blog, this 2B1B post first thing in the morning is a gift from above.

Forget aiming for the face. I just came in my yoga pants.

Whitney said...

Great blog today! I laughed really hard and I definitely needed it to make this day better :)

sarah said...

thank GOD somebody said it. i was a magazine major in college (which is really just another version of a comm major, but add 50 legging-and-uggs clad sorority girls who are all TOTALLY going to be working at vogue by the end of the semester!!) and you've got every magazine class i've ever taken. glad i'm not the only one who wanted to gauge their own eyes out with a spoon.

Ashley said...

I was a journalism major in college which was in the communications school and you've hit the nail on the head my friend.

But really you can do this PR thing. It's not too hard. "Just come in their face." ;)

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love Claire's idea - get yourself a wildly obnoxious comm major and toss the "intern" title around. They can handle the professional sponsor speak and you can continue blogging yer heart out for our entertainment. And pay in Jager? That sounds like a WIN WIN WIN to me.

Thank you for coming in our faces, with information.

Grant said...

Three things:

1. I love having first thing in the morning posts. Your unemployment is already paying off...for me!

2. This post was high-larious. And comm majors tend to be insufferable. That's just how it is.

3. The phrase "postmodern art history" makes me want to cry, and I'm going to get a PhD in art history.

Melanie said...

I gotta agree with Grant. Your posting earlier = me actually getting my work done earlier instead of pissing around on the internet waiting for your post to go up. And an intern is the way to go. You're hilarious. Keep it up!

Unknown said...

Girl, this blog is great and brightens my work day. Have you ever thought of enlisting someone to market your blog for you?

Unknown said...
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Kendra said...

I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life...

Cass said...

So, I'm 98% sure I just found your real-life facebook page, and I don't know you for realsies even though I feel like I do and Good Lord does it feel grossly inappropriate.

Anonymous said...

This is totally supposed to be a compliment...THANK GOODNESS YOU GOT FIRED. The last couple of posts have for realz been THE greatest thing since sliced bread. When you aren't stressed out about giving people coffee with Tabasco sauce in it and closing drawers behind Russel you sure do come up with some true gems. We were like the Geneva Convention of slack assery had me dying trying not to let my coworkers see me laughing so hard. If I had any PR skillz at all I would totally donate them to you, but don't worry Meggles, i'm sure one of you loyal readers will hook you up.

Steph said...

omg i absofuckinglutely LOVE your blog. it just lights up my life

Anonymous said...

I agree, comm majors are annoying. I don't understand the point of learning structure without any content. Like don't you think you should know something about log cabins before you learn how to market them?
Granted I'm damn awful at networking and that's apparently the only way to do anything these days, so they're probably the ones getting the last laugh. Dammit.

Anonymous said...

Unemployed meagan is not funny. Unfortunately now I know you are that asshole in the back of every class, that everyone in the class hates.

Anonymous said...

I really wish I didn't work in a cube farm so I wouldn't have to find a way to explain way I am crying laughing... literally crying! "come in their faces" seriously no one laughed who were these 35 people?

Lizz Aubrey said...

Someone says 'LOG' and I lose my shit. Much less 'hand smoothed log'. Methinks I would have been in the back of class giggling with you two.

Unknown said...

Unemployed meagan is not funny. Unfortunately now I know you are that asshole in the back of every class, that everyone in the class hates.

Woah, way to be a coke-douche. That asshole in the back of the class is usually one of the most fun people there. Especially when it's the asshole who still pulls an A. So, yeah. Eat a dick.

MEG! I really hope you wrote this last night, cause if you were up, smoking weed, and writing before 10:00 am we need to have a seriously discussion (read: you need to teach me your secrets).

Lizz Aubrey said...

PS. I was a Comm major... but never once rocked a presentation. Or said 'come in the faces' to a classroom.

Patrick said...

I literally get a smirk on my face everytime someone says the word duty. "Hey, Patrick, do you know whose duty this is?...Why are you laughing?"

Yup, this coming from the guy who just commented yesterday saying that he was a 26 year old newlywed who just bought his first house and has a "good" job.

Christine said...

I am trying so hard to suppress my laughter at work right now that I'm expecting someone to come over at any minute and see why I'm having trouble breathing. Hilarious post, and I would have thought the same way in that situation.

chelsea said...

Hilarious! You can be the asshole in the back of my class any day. In fact, I would pay you in gummy candy to sit in the back of the room at all my meetings and make fun of my coworkers.

Unknown said...

hahah hi-larious!!! i too am cackling in the dark having read that post!!!

2b1b: The sardonic voice of 20-somethings everywhere, Monday through Friday. said...

So, I'm 98% sure I just found your real-life facebook page, and I don't know you for realsies even though I feel like I do and Good Lord does it feel grossly inappropriate.

I feel the need to point out that if you google my real name and "Facebook," the person who comes up is not me. I say this because the person who does come up looks like she might be a Wiccan and lists Nickleback as her favorite music.

K. Good. I feel better now.

2b1b: The sardonic voice of 20-somethings everywhere, Monday through Friday. said...

Google my real full name* that is. Meg vs. Meghan. Meg = me. Meghan = Wiccan Nickleback lover.

Christ I'm shallow.

Hails said...

as someone with a degree in marketing communications who made the wise choice of have a PR concentration (before literally having a mental breakdown in the school bathroom at the end of my junior year) - HALLE-FUCKING-LUJAH!

seriously, I hated everyone in all of my classes. I got A's because it's insanely easy shit, but god damn do I hate everyone in that industry.

preach it.

Unknown said...

I did an honest to God spit-take all over my computer screen at "synergy."

You're in top form Meg! Top form indeed. I think unemployment suits you ;-)

Unknown said...

Anonymous 11:51am - go fuck yourself.

Unknown said...

The need to inappropriately laugh at phrases like "hand smoothed logs" just never ever goes away. I work with 3 other guys in my department, all much older than me, and they're worse than any of the kids I ever sat in the back of a college class with.

One of them killed me last month when we're all in a meeting with our boss. My co-worker is telling him about a recent meeting he had, and when asked if he got all the information he needed from this woman he met with, my co-worker says, "oh yeah i really probed her deeply on that"

After awkwardly cracking up, the boss of course promptly gave me the worst death stare ever. Then as soon as we got into the elevator to go back up the crew from my office bursts into laughter and my coworker says ... "got ya!"

Carla-Carl said...

Love this blog.

I honest to God was dying in a meeting at working the other day when my boss was referencing a company that begins with Pilgrims and was talking about how someone point them out. His sentence: You know, when they fingered Pilgrims..." and I stopped listening after that.

Fantastic Post

Sarah said...

MEG! I am extremely impressed that you were up so early this morning during your term of FUnemployment, but here's the thing... I still have a painfully boring job and when you post in the morning I have nothing left to look forward to for the rest of the day. Sad L(

Mtina said...

Thank you for cheering me up! I thought I was literally going to murder someone throughout my hectic/filled with moronic tasks day. Then I sat down with a bowl of loaded baked potato (thnx potbellys) and proceeded to choke/spew bacon bits as I came across "bring in the retards." As a Houston native and rodeo lover, Timmy Wild sounds like the tits.

Susan said...

i LOVE the early posts! they actually make me borderline MORE productive at work cause i don't just sit on my ass like a gawking baboon all midday, clicking refresh.

poelondon said...

Awesome post. Reminds me of why I fell in love with this blog to begin with. And that's not just overhype communications major-type bs.

OK, actually, I was a comm major and I was totally, obnoxiously motivated. It's embarrassing and absolutely true. Luckily, I've mellowed out.

Anonymous said...

so random true life story: i hated this girl in my comm class (health comm) and she was the epitome of an overzealous comm major. and i was basically the opposite (sorority girl, partners with the only boy in the class, i believe we had a pic of a woman in a flag bikini in our presentation). anyways... now we work together... and she is my favorite person ever and a friend for life. man, i should stop judging people- but i wont!!

Cass said...

The reason for my 98% certainty are as follows:

- 2B1B Fanpage
- Nate was there too.

Good lord, do I feel like a creepster. I didn't mean to, I promise!

Rachel said...

Ah ha ha ha! I recently stumbled upon your blog and have quickly become a huge fan. I mean I've seriously begun to think you have been spying on all of my awkward follies. "The come in their faces" comment is an instant classic. It reminds me of the speech the uber meek valediction gave at my graduation...quoting a professor about the difficulty of physics... "if it's not hard, you aren't doing it right!" Of course it was quickly followed by a raucous "that's what she said"

Can't wait for more. Bravo!

Angie said...

I read this early this morning and let me tell you, despite the tears streaming down my face post make-up application, laughing that hard is the only way to start one's day.

That being said, I'm not mature enough for my cultural anthropology class. We read an article (I kid you not) on the symbolism of Cockfighting in Bali. Direct quotes from lecture: "Men sit around all day stroking and playing with their cocks"; "Men sit in a circle, crouching down and gently stroking their cocks."

etc...INCREDIBLY difficult to keep a straight face in that lecture.

Jessica said...

someone needs to come in that anonymous persons face....just sayin...

Lauren said...

You're just lucky you didn't have to take PR Writing or PR Portfolio...as a comm major (and decidedly not an overzealous one) i had to take both and nearly bashed my head through a plate glass window. twice. I think AU might breed a special brand of obnoxious overachieving PR majors...

ListenToLeon.net said...

Funny stuff. I just discovered the blog today, but I'll definitely be back for more. I'd give some advice on PR/Comm type of stuff, but I'm still trying to figure this shit out myself!

Anonymous said...

i definitely adore all your posting kind, very interesting.
don't give up and also keep penning in all honesty , because it simply truly worth to read it.
impatient to read a lot more of your current content pieces, have a pleasant day!

Casey said...

Uhhh... thanks to all this discussion about Wiccans and Nickelback and how to google you, I found you for real on FB too. I feel like a creep and also you look way different than I was expecting. Also I'm friending you. KTHXBYE.

sean said...

Holy shit, i'm sitting here giggling in my very quiet accounting class at the thought of hand-smoothed logs and coming in people's faces. Seriously. The professor keeps giving me awkward looks, like he wants to ask me what's so funny but is too much of a meek to actually do it.

Abbey said...

Bah, comm majors. 'Nuff said. Haha.

Good luck with your PR!

@}~}~~ K. Lea said...

Ok, so every time I get on my dashboard today, I've seen the title for this post and wanted to add "...without really trying" (Mostly to do with the musical "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying") aaaaaaaand then I take the time to READ said post and it makes my random addition urge that much more appropriate to me.

PS I can NOT for the life of me understand 1. why that anonymous ass said what they did; some of my best friends are "those assholes at the back of the room"; and I agree with James...they usually ARE the most fun people there (hence why they are my friends haha) and 2. Why in the name of all that is good and holy people weren't splitting a gut laughing at those comments...I mean, c'mon. Everyone knows that College kids are just booze-inundated, swearing, over-sexed 5 year olds who laugh at anything remotely inappropriate.

-- K

A said...

You could definitely get a PR intern for sure! I think I'm speaking for most readers that those of us in DC would love a 2nd version of the JagerBall but this time have it be to raise awareness for extremely witty and recently unemployed 20-somethings in DC...people always like drinking for a cause....

Unknown said...

Oh my god. I was IN THAT PR CLASS! I remember Southern Girl's presentation (who, FYI, once told me that she owned Oklahoma. Not in an ironic way). I also remember Meeky girl's presentation and after she uttered those precious words I walked out... I was the chick who snorted on her way out the back door (remember the door by the projector glass booth)?

This post brought back CRAZY memories for me. Hysterical.

Anonymous said...

Yeah it's realtively easy to find someones Facebook.

Dr. Jenny Root said...

thank you for getting me through my days. one of the most hilarious posts - should add to favorites fo sho.

Becca said...

this made me cry i was laughing so hard. you are effing hilarious. there are tons of people out there who could help with your marketing. you're going far with this bad boy!

Suz said...

Literally crying right now. This post needs to go somewhere, somewhere big!

Tas said...

This post killed me.
I was a visual arts major in university, and in my third year photography class during a critique, this girl (who was, to be fair, ESL. But to be fairer, was also obnoxious as all hell) is trying to describe how she thought the message of someone's photo wasn't clear. She says, "It's not... coming in my face."
Cue everyone DYING. That day lives in legend.

amelia said...

so i'm not going to fb friend you bc god knows i'd probably annoy the shit out of you with all my "omg, meg, we're so alike" blah blah blah comments, but i did realize this was a great opportunity to figure out which scott was "sweater vest scott" and you may be happy to know (if you yourself haven't fb stalked him recently) that he has grown sleeves and now wears a complete sweater. and...he's pretty hot.

Anonymous said...

Someone get this woman on Bravo!

PS not all of us Comm majors are trolls...

Unknown said...

This is the best post you have ever done. I am a PR major and I think you are talking about my class. My teacher loves to say "the situation" and all I can think about is "the situation was that there was a hto chicka nd her friend, the gernade." Ugh I what am I doing with my life?

Unknown said...

Ok, so this is way off track buuut a friend of a friend painted this and I just knew you would love it...
hopefully the link works but if not let me know & I'll email it to you bc it. is. awesome.

poelondon said...

Is that unicorn having sex with that whale? GENIUS.

2b1b: The sardonic voice of 20-somethings everywhere, Monday through Friday. said...

but i did realize this was a great opportunity to figure out which scott was "sweater vest scott" and you may be happy to know (if you yourself haven't fb stalked him recently) that he has grown sleeves and now wears a complete sweater. and...he's pretty hot.

Sweater Vest Scott was always hot! I never said otherwise! And I'm sad to hear he's not wearing sweater vests anymore.

amelia said...

ugh, that was a communication fail. i didn't mean to say that you didn't know he was hot, i meant to inform you that he's grown sleeves and that i didn't realize he was going to be such a hottie. it was a joey lawrence "whoa" like moment for me. when i picture guys who wear sweater vests i picture matthew perry/chandler bin all floppy haircut and sarcastic.

D said...

Being an AU Comm major who was totally unimpressed with my fellow SOC-suckers, this post SPOKE TO MY SOUL. God, this was amazing.

Anonymous said...

As a Communications major whose focus is in PR, I can completely relate to what you mentioned about the annoying, overzealous people who exist in the major.

But to be fair, not all of us Comm majors are like that, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a major that doesn't have at least some tools polluting it.

And I'd definitely be laughing along with you if I heard a girl say that in a presentation. I almost died just reading it.

I love your bog, you're hilarious! :)

Unknown said...

God bless you, Meg, you are not afflicted with poor storytelling skills. Nope. Not even a little bit.

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It must have been an easy ride before the beginning.

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