Rayanne Graff said...

This post is such a tease!

Hoolia said...

Ditto that Harriet!

Abbey said...

::pokes this post with a stick::

Jessica said...


heather said...


keck said...

I had to check the comments to make sure I didn't go colorblind this weekend.

kate said...

Sad post. How am I supposed to get through a Monday with THIS?

Julia said...

Hey, I think we've all accidentally gotten drunk on a monday morning and sent off a blank email or two...

Anonymous said...


manikarn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

No post monday? :(

manikarn said...

if this is supposed to be a joke , it's not funny.. I live through Mondays just because 2b1b posts happen..

Ashley said...


Anonymous said...


kerri said...

Please tell me this isn't real life.

Angie said...

April Fool's Day (Gosh I can't wait to see what you're gonna pull), isn't til Wednesday.

But if this is a precursor, I think its working...

austin said...

Congrats, Meg. You have successfully evoked 15+ comments from a post that doesn't exist. New high? Yes. Propz.

Anonymous said...


maggie said...

i literally stared at this post for a solid 10 seconds wondering what was wrong with me. tease!

Anonymous said...

April Fools Day Isn't Until THURSDAY!!

MorganRourke said...

I reloaded this post mutliple times, all the while cursing my company's slow internet.

Laurie said...

Get over it people!

Stephanie said...

ok, well I feel like I'm taking part in an experiment, buuuut... I wanted to comment on today's post anyway. Just to say that you should "TOTES" get sponsors because the advertising seriously works. I found myself in Wal*Mart this weekend wandering up & down the cereal aisle (I've been in a rut with Crispix), and I got Kashi. because Meg likes Kashi cereal.

Anonymous said...

So far today I have:

1) been booted out of a fitness program for not being over 40
2) taken a slapshot in the ankle (hello swollen old lady ankle!) and
3)lost my cell phone.

Now there's no post? Screw this, I'm going back to bed.

Claire said...

The fact that this post has 24 (now 25) comments just goes to show you how awesome you are, Meg!

Anonymous said...

Come ON! My day has been bad enough!!
Geez Meg.

Kelly said...

damn you, woman. damn you!

like it isn't bad enough i had to go to work on a monday in the rain?! boo, you whore!

Angie said...

"I found myself in Wal*Mart this weekend wandering up & down the cereal aisle (I've been in a rut with Crispix), and I got Kashi. because Meg likes Kashi cereal."

Not going to lie, I have entertained that thought whenever I go down the cereal aisle.

Anonymous said...

boner kill.

Shep said...

is this blank post simply symbolizing a moment of silence for the finale of Kell on Earth tonight?

Unknown said...

Sameies on the Kashi thing!! I always thing "Meg from 2birds1blog likes this stuff...and she seems cool..maybe I'll buy it."

manikarn said...

people do weird things when they are in love.. for realsies.. are you?

Meghan said...

Gahh this is totally like when you email a professor and say, "Here's my essay/homework attached" and attach a blank document, and then when you actually finish you're like "ohhh woops, I just realized I sent you the wrong thing! totally an accident!!!!!1!!!!"
Not gonna fly Meg. Not gonna fly.

Anonymous said...

This is total BS

Jessica said...

Aww Meggles, W. T. H. WTH!!! I thought I would get on this morning and all would be right with the world again. I thought maybe you would have realized how horribly cruel yesterday's post was and make up for it with one of your sneak attack AM postings...sadness ensues. Another long day of refreshing 2b1b?? We shall see.

Anonymous said...

Obviously your posts are like crack to us. We need our fix.

Anonymous said...

omg i've tried kashi too, for the sole reason Meg likes it.

Anonymous said...

Hope everything is ok with you McBlogger, and while we all love your blog postings as part of our daily ritual, I think this once we will survive and brave on without you.

I have learned from these comments that A)People are a very strange breed.... B)I need to buy Kashi.

Hassenblog said...

Meg, come back to life! The Matthew Lillard Law and Order SVU is on RIGHT NOW!! The world needs you more now that ever.

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