I just came back from Portland, the city of hipsters (I think you move to Portland and are given 3 choices in attire, Mountain Man, Hipster, or Hippie) I could see myself living in Portland, happily, but it would be a different life then the one I have always envisioned for myself. I thought I wanted businesses suits and fancy dinner parties and old homes.

Here is my imaged day in the life of Eddie if she moved to the West for good.


Does anyone else thinks of their life as dictated by their location, am I the only one that sees their life differently depending if they end up in the West, South, and or East Coast? How much of our personality is dependent on the location where we were raised and live?

A good friend from high school and I have decided on a plan titled “Fuck it let’s just move to Portland” it is self explanatory and a valid back up plan.

I wish I could quit you,



Anonymous said...

I'm not going to lie, that cupcake looks like it has poop for frosting.

Chamuca said...

Super old post, but . . .

1. Hilarious. I live in Portland, but I'm none of those stereotypes. I know what you mean though.

2. It does look like poop.

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