My Hagman's Keeper

EFF! Eff for two solid reasons:

1.) Tonight is the release party. Which is a good thing. But still, eff. Here are the answers to some frequently asked release party-related questions!

Q: Where is the party?

A: The Big Hunt. 1345 Connecticut Avenue, NW. It's next to Cafe Citron and...something else that I can't remember. Which is odd, considering how much I'm there. Is it next to something else? I feel like it's next to that random non-profit that's always playing a PSA outside the building and never doesn't scare the shit out of me when I walk by it late at night. Seriously, I don't know who you people are or what you do, but get a Twitter account. It does the exact same thing but doesn't make me think I'm about to get raped.

Q: So I just walk in the bar and you'll be right there?

A: No, I will be in the bathroom snorting a line of Xanax off of Chris's tittays. Slash our party isn't in the main bar area. Go in through the main door, walk past the bar, and take an immediate left. If you hit the kitchen, you've gone too far. If you're upstairs, you've gone too vertical. If you're on the roof deck, you're not listening to me at all, so maybe you deserve to stay up there and think about what you did.

Q: Will you be selling books at the party?

A: No.

Q: Why not?

A: Because we'd have to front the money to buy them from the warehouse and that's not an option right now. I'm currently drinking seltzer for dinner and not because I'm watching my girlish figure, if you know what I mean.

Q: Tell me more about the free shit you've promised.

A: Our publisher, Adams Media, was kind enough to send like, 15ish awesome books to give away to the first 15ish people who show up. I'd give you a concrete number, but the books are on the table across from my bed and I'd have to do a slight crunch to see over my chair and count them.

Q: Meg...I want to be on your side, but it's just genuinely difficult when you say things like that.

A: FINE. Nineteen. Nineteen books for the first nineteen people who show up and are not related to me and/or in my immediate circle of friends. Also, there are four copies of our book in that count, so if you didn't have time to buy a copy, come early and you might get one for ~fReE~! I'll throw in another one from my personal collection to make it five. Alex will be waiting for you when you walk in with a few Trader Joe's bags full of books. First-come, first-serve. 

Q: Can I take one of the bags when you run out of books?

A: No. I use them to do my grocery shopping.

Q: You don't buy groceries.

A: Well, I use them to buy wine and hummus when I'm feeling sassy.

Q: Can I take Alex?

A: As long as I get my bags back...

Q: So the party starts at 7:30?

A: Yes.

Q: When does the reading start?

A: The hilarious Tim Miller is going to "get the party started" (<--- God I hate myself) at 8:15, and then we'll hop on the mic, say thank you, do a quick reading, and then sign books.

Q: What will you be reading?

A: BONUS MATERIAL!!!1! We'll be reading a scenario from the original manuscript that got cut because it was too risqué.

Q: Risqué?

A: Well, less risqué and more flat-out offensive, but risqué sounds sexier.

Q: What's the dress code?

A: Super casual.

Q: What will you be wearing?

A: Fuck if I know.

Q: How's your unibrow zit?

A: HORRIBLE, obviously. And I went to Sephora yesterday to buy like, burn victim grade cover-up and got it one shade too light, which is un-fucking-fathomable.

Q: Is the book available on Kindle yet?

A: No, but it will be.

Q: When?

A: I'm not sure. I keep emailing our editor about it, but he doesn't know either and I get the impression that he's irritated by the entire situation too. So I'm sure me emailing him five times a day to be like "MATT!!! WHEN'S THE KINDLE COMING OUT?! MATT!!! CAN I HAVE MORE MONEY?! MATT!!! WHY WON'T YOU LET ME USE THIS ABORTION JOKE?!" isn't helping. But, you know, that's just my way of saying "I like you".

Q: So who's coming to the party?


Q: Really?

A: Well, everyone I know.

Q: So I should go?

A: Totally. Take Friday off. Get blackout drunk. Make out with one of my friends. Say hi to me and watch me ramble at you for fifteen minutes because when I get nervous I ramble.

Q: I'm excited!

A: I'm a cunt hair away from a bleeding ulcer, but I'm also excited.

Q: Welp, see you tonight.

A: Yay!

2.) I would like to apologize to everyone for being too far up my own asshole buying cover-up and researching today's weather forecast to realize that yesterday was Larry Hagman's birthday, a.k.a. the holy holiday of HAGMAS. I'm mortified. Just mortified. Thanks to readers Charles and John for reminding me. God. I'm seriously pissed at myself because I could have done a really good birthday post Tuesday night. Instead, I wrote this:

OK, OK, OK, wait a minute...Instagram shares your photos? With random people?? Is the world aware of this?! Because I sure as shit wasn't. Thank God I didn't take a bunch of MySpace photos of myself from extremely flattering angles with my breasts tumbling out of my blouse because Lord knows it was tempting. REAL tempting.

Then fell asleep, woke up at 3:45am having a panic attack, watched season one of Breaking Bad to calm down, subsequently convinced myself I had lung cancer, fell back asleep at 8, woke up at 1 and was late to meet Alex for lunch. So, at least I achieved that. I'm sorry, Larry. I'm sorry I let you down, I'm sorry I let my readers down, I'm sorry I let Patrick Duffy down, but most of all, I'm sorry I let myself down. I hope you had an excellent 80th birthday. (80!!!!!!!!! Please just let me hold you in my arms...)

In conclusion: Merry Hagmas to all, and to all a good night!


Kelly said...

You can turn off sharing in instagram. Go to Profile, Privacy, Photos are Private: ON.

Gratuitous MySpace photos are go.

Becca said...

What Meg meant to say is the that hilarious Tim Miller will get the party started at 8:15. At 7:15 we will still be 15 mins from the start of the party and doing shots to get excited and/or calm down. So shots of Red Bull & Benadryl, essentially.

See you tonight everyone!!!!!!!

Alex said...

Am I really only worth two Trader Joe's bags to you?

Rachel said...

Im totally going to do my absolute best to be there. If the warden (eric) allows me out of the house!!!! I better get to cut the line!!!

Blake said...

Going to try.

Anonymous said...

I'm nowhere in your vicinity Meg so that should make you feel good I'm one less person to have to avoid at your party, but I did buy your book on Amazon last week. Two things: it is definitely better than Dick Cheney's book, though he had a snappier cover and as soon as Samantha Bee dies or gets knocked up again, it's your turn on the Daily Show.

Anonymous said...

I really need your input on this.

"Wet Goddess: Recollections of a dolphin lover"


I feel like I am traumatized and only you can make sense of this for me!

Anonymous said...

Garry Shandling's Pizza Hut commercial!


Anonymous said...

how about a recap of the party!?

Lex said...

I FINALLY GOT MY COPY OF THE BOOK!! Which means the receipts are going to live in it forevermore. :)

Nina said...

I love how I've resorted to checking 2B1B every 2 weeks or so due to the lack of posting shenanigans that we've all suffered through for the last year and yet, in those 2 week breaks I've only ever really missed 1 or 2 posts. Classic.

A True DC Misanthrope said...

So, now that the party is over and your book is published (therefore you have no reason to advertise [err... post] on 2b1b), does that mean the blog is dead?

Anonymous said...

I want a party recap!

Anonymous said...


Chris said...

You guys are the worst.

Sam said...

Okay. Not to sound like a clingy girfriend, and I hate when readers throw hissies about your lack of posting, but... could you pleeeease show your blog readers some love? We're all dying for a book party recap. We're lonely and a little drunk and we miss you, baby. xo

Anonymous said...

Yes, please, for the love of God, we need a party recrap, and the least you can do for making us wait is post the "bonus material" scenario from the original manuscript that got cut because it was too risqué!!! We likes us some risqué!!

a little crazy said...

Meg & Chris, and even a little bit Evie, I love you, your blog saves me from jumping out the 2nd story window at work, and i try to spread the word as much as possible in hopes of it reaching an agent to help fund the anti unibrow initiative. If by chance you make it up to a book signing in NYC, but you cant find a table, i'll be the table...

Anonymous said...

Remember how a few months ago there would've been like 50 comments by now? Funny how that's stopped

Anonymous said...

Hmm I just read the old post when they first announced that they were writing a book...and swore up and down to keep the blog going and posting

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