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I know it is not Friday, but I decided to post a drinking game! Rejoice and reflect in my power.

As you might have deducted (or you already know me) I am a lady who loves the ladies. I think a requirement of lesbianism is a LOVE for the classic children’s tale, and 1994 movie version of Little Women. I have made it a family holiday tradition to watch this movie.

Aside from holidays, Little Women has also seen me through some hard times. When I watch this movie I am filled with such hope. I accredit my survival to Little Women, from break ups, finals, and unbearably hot summers where you don’t even want to move (and the idea of New England snow is refreshing.) Everyone has their list of “prerequisite” things that an ideal mate must contain; a love of Little Women is on my list.

The 1994 movie is touching, sweet, slightly feminist, and gives me hope for finding a mate, all topped with holiday joy!

So, gather your sisters, your German professor (and give him your empty hand, in the rain), some tissues, and a holiday drink of choice.

  • Take a sip when Jo (Winona Ryder) writes
  • Take a sip and sing along when Beth (Claire Danes) plays the piano
  • Take a sip of something citrus when citrus fruits are shown/discussed
  • Take a sip when the girls mention missing their father
  • Take a sip when transcendentalist and feminist issues are discussed
  • Hold hands with the person next to you and try to imitate Claire Danes crumple-faced cry when anyone cries THEN take a sip
  • Take a shot when temperance is discussed

I wish I could quit you,


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Little Women, particularly the 1994 film. It's not often that I like a movie as much as the book on which it is based. Why have we not made viewing this movie an IK event? Anyway, I look forward to playing this drinking game.

-la jaconde

Anonymous said...

Why have we not made viewing this movie an IK event?
Does Kristen hate it? It wouldn't surprise me.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE little women! It is a rely good film! I like the one with kirstin Dunst.

Unknown said...

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hekkar said...

I LOVE Little Women, particularly the 1994 film. It's not often that I like a movie as much as the book on which it is based. Why have we not made viewing this movie an IK event? Anyway, I look forward to playing this drinking game.
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prashant said...
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