Come see Chris and me this Thursday, February 17th, 8:30pm, at The Looking Glass Lounge in Petworth for a live recording of the internet talk show You, Me, Them, Everybody! The Looking Glass Lounge is located a block south of the Petworth metro stop (seriously, AN fiscal metro stop) and you can learn more about YMTE here. 21+, no cover. Watch as we awkwardly try to promote ourselves and stay to have a few drinks with us and the rest of the 2b1b gang! Hope to see you then!



Jen said...

Why do I have to live in Texas this week?!

2b1b: The sardonic voice of 20-somethings everywhere, Monday through Friday. said...


Jen said...

Oh Meglet! If only!
I still say you should do a Jager Ball Tour!
(Starting in Austin, duh)

Will there be a book tour?! OMG I JUST PEED A LITTLE!

Anonymous said...

ME TOOOOOO! Urine everywhere! Stop by St. Louis on your book tour. There are plenty of us here to come meet Meggles+Chris!

Madi said...

Will there be a Jaegerball 2011 anytime soon? I can only dream!

Anna said...

Gah this always happens. Going to the Darwin Deez concert that night...can you arrange it so you appear within the first half hour?

Blake said...

A Thursday night? Meg, don't you know that us nerds have like a millions TV shows to watch on Thursdays?

Anonymous said...

Will orange whips be served?

c-reader said...

They have awesome french fries at looking glass. Also - milk stout - yum

Elliot said...

I will only go if I receive assurance that Meg and Chris will both sign my boxers.

While they're on me, obvi.

Sabri said...

Whoa! I never even thought about a book tour!! Please GOD let it come to Canada.

Anonymous said...

did you know Larry Hagman had a guest stint on Desperate Housewives as a horrid racist?

Anonymous said...

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