Friday Drinking Game!

Oh, how we love our 2birds1blog readers. All five of you. Dearly. Thus we are starting a little bit of a tradition around this rickiety old blog: Drinking Game Fridays. Every Friday, Eddie and/or I will create a movie drinking game for our readers to enjoy.

This week: The Brokeback Mountain Drinking Game!
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The game was originally developed by Eddie and our good friend, Chris, from the hilarious and addictive blog Kosher/Eucharist (www.koshereucharist.com), so send your ER bills to them. Chris, or “Tulane Chris” as he is affectionately known with Eddie and I, decided to skip Mardi Gras for a year and come to our fair city for “Non Gras”. The weekend was full of shenanigans and debauchery; including the birth of the Brokeback Mountain Drinking Game. Tulane Chris and Eddie are badasses with an affinity for public drinking, so they actually played the game in the movie theater. I can still attest that this game gets the job done (quite nicely,) as I played it in the comfort of my own apartment (I DO NOT DRINK IN PUBLIC PLACES THANK YOU…bahaha it’s funny when I lie to myself and others) with Eddie, my college roommate and my oldest friend slash one of my current Brooklyn roommates. We played drinking White Russians, and as my current roommate said reflecting back upon the game, “that was my first time drinking White Russians…and that well may have been my last time drinking White Russians.” In other words— warning, this game is potent. Take it Eddie!

Step one: mix several strong alcoholic mixed drinks. Acceptable drink choices for the game:

- Screwdrivers
- Rum and Cokes
- Goldschläger and cokes
- Goldschläger, rum and cokes
- Bad whiskey given to your parents as a wedding gift mixed with flat diet coke
- Bottle(s) of Andre

The Rules are Simple

1) Drink Every time someone in the movie takes a drink. No shots, no chugging, just sipping. Closeted gay cowboys drink to hide their true feelings. Just following this rule WILL make you fall down drunk. Chris and I played the game in the theater (thanks boot flask!) and we had to stop mid-movie for fear of liver failure.

a. If this rule becomes too intense, have the room pick a cowboy and drink with him.

2) Finish your drink every time the cowboys have anal sex.

3) If still functioning take a shot during the line "I wish I knew how to quit you."

4) Take a large gulp of your drink during any hate crime.

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Have a great weekend and take 2 shots for us!
Patsy & Eddie


Anonymous said...

I propose an addendum:

Every time Ang Lee uses a sweeping vista of pristine nature to represent the beauty and purity of Gay Cowboy Love, take a drink.

Or, alternately, every time Ang Lee uses a dingy, grayscale-and-flannel-dominated interior scene filled with the music of shrieking babies to represent the folly of denying Gay Cowboy Love, take a drink.

2b1b: The sardonic voice of 20-somethings everywhere, Monday through Friday. said...

You sir are a genius. I enjoy your respect for the love shared between two cowboys (who must sex it up for sheep are their only other option for sexually release... and cowboys have more respect for animals than frat boys.)

I tip my hat to you kind sir.

Any movie requests we can make into a drinking game? Feel free to shout them out!

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