An Introduction: The Way We Were (Part I)

Welcome to 2 birds, 1 blog! So after much talk, scheduled conference calls that never actually happened and lots of "wow you should really have a blog"s from our friends, "Eddie" and I finally made our blog. First we should address that there is a certain level of anonymity to our blog, seeing how Eddie may one day be President and I...well I plan on spending a large portion of my blogging gossiping about how recockulous the magazine I work for is, and I really don't want to get fired. So if you know who we are, we ask that you not address us by name in the fabulous and frequent comments you leave us. Eddie = Country Bird, Patsy = City Bird, I trust if you know us, you can figure out who's who.

So Eddie and I decided that considering how our blog is basically our way of staying in touch with each other and a way for us to share with you our kooky lives (Eddie in a "helps people in the middle of nowhere kind of way", me in a "I just moved to NYC and these are my wacky experiences kind of way"), we should give you some background on our friendship. Thus, we will write the story of how we met (cue music: "The Way We Were." Please grab some tissues at this point.)

As the Summer of 2003 ended, I was jamming to Eminem's "Lose Yourself," packing up my best pointy-toed shoes and saying goodbye to my friends and family. College was a-waitin'. I pretty much had a clear vision of what life in college would be like: I would join a sorority, major in Public Relations, become a party planner and drink wine coolers at frat parties 4/7 nights of the week with my best friend sorority sisters 4lyfe (the current 2007 pierced/tattooed artist laughs in my 2003 face). But nothing turns out like we expect...my first few days at college were dicey to say the least. I was put in a "forced triple" (3 people in a dorm built for 2 people...and by 2 people, I mean 2 midgets with very few personal possessions), with 2 eccentric roommates on an all girls floor. I thought the best way to go friend shopping was to propose a girly movie fest. I proposed said fest in during a hall bitch-a-thon when the girls were complaining about their current living situations. I said I had the perfect remedy— a viewing of the classic 1980's motion picture "Girls Just Wannna Have Fun," starring a post "Square-Pegs" Sarah Jessica Parker, pre-Brenda Walsh Shannon Doherty and Helen Hunt wearing a beret with a giant cricket attached to it for 78% of the movie. If you like this movie, you can sit at my lunch table any day of the week. While watching the movie, the girls absent-mindedly giggled at the 80's garb and cheesy acting, but I noticed that I was playing a vicious round of "witty commentary tennis" with a hardcore looking girl sitting in the corner. She had plugs; crazy indie clothes and a short jet-black bob (and was somewhat ambiguously Asian…) and she could match every witty comment I had with an even wittier one. “Game on New Friend,” I thought to myself while stroking my imaginary beard (proceeding to immediately stop stroking my imaginary beard, as that rarely wins one friends). It was just days later we decided to wake up at 7am to haul our comforters to the common lounge and watch "Mystery Science Theater 3000." And sitting there surrounded by Mike, Tom Servo, Crow, Cambot, Gypsy and my new indie friend from upstate New York I thought, "Nicely done."

Sha la la!


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