Law & Order on Mute

Right across the alley from my office building is the Mexican Consulate. There was a shooting there this morning (when I was just across the street! Although I didn't hear any shots fired...DAMN YOU PANDORA!) and 26 shots were fired! Now the entire office is huddled in the photo department room because it has the best view. It really is like watching "Law & Order" on mute because there are all of these surly looking old men in suits with pads of paper milling around. And there's those little yellow number taggy things all over the street to number the pieces of evidence or bullet shells they find. But in a glamorous twist of events, a bomb squad, the FBI, SWAT team, State Department schmoes and the ATF are also here.

...is it weird that I am 100% entertained by this and could watch it all day?

Hiding behind a metal trash can,


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