Stuff that Turkey

Today’s drinking game is brought to you by a special little underage lady, my friend Golden. (No I do not spend my time trolling for underage girls in parks offering rides for candy. Golden has graduated college and has a legit job, she just on the young side.)

One night I was one of those ‘bad’ friends and left her in a hotel while I went out to the bars. Golden joined forces with a co-worker and stayed in the hotel drinking. In a tipsy state Golden created The Food Network Drinking game. [Golden’s Edits: due solely to said co-worker's love of cooking, because Golden actually loathes the Food Network with the fiery passion of a thousand suns and wishes Rachel Ray would die a horrible, slow death. Get the fuck off my box of Triscuits, you crazy bitch!]

I can not attest to the quality of this game, for I was out wasting time and money. But when I returned to my hotel golden was giddy and obviously under the influence. With turkey day fast approaching, and as Americans turn their minds to food this is the perfect time to play. Feel free to play while your family members yell at each other. Or, if you come from one of those families gather everyone around the TV and play together.

Take a sip (of your expensive California wine…or in golden’s case Smirnoff Ice)
*When anyone with an accent speaks
* When a catch phrase is used
* Every time the title of the show is sung, spoken, or shown
* When measurements are given in immeasurable methods (such as a dash, a pinch, to taste)
* When the shows theme centers on an upcoming holiday
*Any time an onomatopoeia is used- IE the infamous "BAM!"

Finish your drinking
*Every time you see Rachel Ray (this rule can be amended for shows staring her…)
Golden’s Optional Rule: Hit your drinking mate with a pillow anytime a show staring Rachel starts. Yes, I know the rage that her annoying, shiny face induces. Just don't spill any booze in the process of releasing your anger. Wasted alcohol is not acceptable.
* When a shows theme is centered on a past holiday
* Whenever Neil Patrick Harris' full name is used

[Golden's Note- this game was born of a very specific show called Dinner Impossible, in which Neil Patrick Harris randomly guest starred as a sous chef, and I found that hilarious. How could you not laugh at Doogie in a kitchen, trying to make mango paste look like cheese? If you're really compelled to see this, the episode was called the Magician's Meal... or something.]

Wash your hands and double dare everyone in the room to take a shot
*When Mark Summers is on TV

Drink up Bitches

I wish I could quit you,


Anonymous said...


STANDING OVATION! that is awesome and will be a tough act to follow. i look forward to actually playing this game (not that i don't play the others).

also we share a fiery hate for rachael ray. i wrote an entire editorial piece on why rachael ray should burn in hell in my friend's magazine (the magazine was her senior design project, i'm not that hooked up in the magazine world).

when i was looking for a job, i ran across an ad for a junior designer position at "everyday with rachel ray"...although unemployed and living at home, i still refused to apply on principle.

xoxo Patsy

Anonymous said...

You know, I was in the grocery store the other day, and I was amazed to discover that Her Zaftigness, Lady Ray, and her irritatingly cherubic dimples seemed to be plastered on every third product. Apparently Americans really respond to the notion that cooking isn't a deeply complex art that demands devotion, effort or talent, but rather something you can do using only Kraft products during commercials breaks on Two and a Half Men.

Now, if we the people are going to shamelessly endorse chefs just because they're better-looking than Mario Batali, can we toss out Rachael is favor of Nigella Lawson? She's everything Rachael Ray isn't: a good cook, totally fucking hot, in possession of a rack that makes Rachael's look like wilted back'o'refrigerator lettuce, and Jewish. Her and Anthony Bourdain could get together and make beautiful, olive-complected, halakhically-Jewish babies who would never, ever ruin the risotto.

2b1b: The sardonic voice of 20-somethings everywhere, Monday through Friday. said...

there are only 3 people i would go gay for:
1.) gwen stefani
2.) this chick i had a confusing bi-sexual subway crush on a 2 weeks ago
3.) nigella lawson. her soothing british accent, giant rack, great hair and those close ups of her man handling cooked chicken confuse the hell out of my sexual orientation.

- Patsy

Unknown said...

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