Now the world is ready for you, and the wonders you can do

Daily Chris and I bond with each other over our lack of love life our struggles being relatively normal and yet homosexual. We decided our conversations are too priceless to keep between us; it is time to start sharing.

The other night during a phone chat I was reflected on my boycott of the term boyfriend or girlfriend by saying: “Calling someone your boyfriend or girlfriend is so banal.” In the same starlight pillow talk conversation Chris confessed his dislike of many straight people, he said, “I like to call them straighty it is funny because it is so close to whity

This is the first installment of what I hope to become a semi-regular feature. We are here, queer, and look just like you!

Eddie Sometimes you are a homo and it’s not just when you put your dick in a guy
Chris: I feel like that's when I shine, though.
Eddie: Btw we are the best gays ever can we reflect on that, like legit award winning gays…us and Ellen!
Chris: Wonder Gays.

I will find any excuse to use MS paint, it is a problem, I am on step one, HI MY INTERNET NAME IS EDDIE AND I AM A MS PAINT ADDICT.

Here is my MS Paint artist rendering of Chris and I as “Wonder Gays.” CLICK IT, it is better when it is bigger (wow that is sexual.)

Turning the world one straight at a time.

I wish I could quit you,


Anonymous said...

HAHAHHA eddie, you could seriously be a MS paint artist. really, look into that.

also, i believe this post calls for a reference to something i believe both patsy and eddie, as well as my dear roommate blair, will recall:

just two gays sittin' on a rainbow, tryin' to make it if they can

the next great american sitcom? i think so.

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