I can't.


allison said...

Meg it is "very common and treatable"!! HE WILL BE OKAY!!!

He has to be.

LK said...

"Besides, as we all know, you can’t keep J.R. down!”

Everyone tell your mom to pray at church on Sunday!

Sarah said...

This was the first place I came to when I heard the news...

Lauren said...

I literally just read this on People.com and instantly thought of you. I frankly wouldn't even know who Larry Hagman was without you!

Katie said...

I saw that and thought of you immediately.

Elizabeth said...

I thought of you immediatly when I read this! I hope he'll be okay....and you too!

Anonymous said...

FYI I'm currently in London and they just did a story about this on the BBC. Guess who has two thumbs, paid £15 for wifi, and immediately logged onto your blog to fret with my fellow Hagmanites? This guy.

Andie said...

I saw the news and thought of you. He'll be okay, I think.

Anonymous said...

Yeah really, I thought of you when I heard the news, without you I wouldn't know who larry hagman was.

Reading Wolf said...

First Steve Jobs now Hagman??? Me thinks the apocalypse has arrived....

*Adjusts her utility belt with Zombie survival guide, canteen of water (with iodine tablet packet duct taped to the side), granola bars, and random half dead batteries in AAA to D. All the while wearing her neon yellow LED light encrusted hard hat*


I don't pray but I will be sending lots of gut wrenching HOPE feelings toward the "Save JR" Campaign.

Anonymous said...

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