Aaaaand Philly Productivity Week continues...

On Monday, we paid tribute to the many elephants in the room. 

Today, we thought we'd let you know what's keeping us going:

1.) There was a mix-up in the warehouse and our publisher accidentally sent Chris’ 20 author copies of Brainwashing… to a stranger. At first this was upsetting to Chris and funny to Meg. Now it’s funny to Chris and really, really funny to Meg. We’re not sure if it’s funny or not to the person somewhere in the United States or Canada who opened a surprise package from Avon, Mass and found 20 copies of a bright orange book called "Brainwashing for Beginners", but we hope they use it wisely, possibly by mailing copies to major media outlets. We wouldn’t be mad if they mailed one to the Gersh Agency…

2.) The fact that there’s an episode in season four of Maude where Maude gets debilitating stress diarrhea. 'Cuz BEEN THERE. DONE THAT, SISTER.

3.) Chris has a master’s degree.

This hasn’t really been a “career builder”, but sometimes when he and Meg are feeling particularly unemployed, he’ll take it out of the closet, roll it open, and let Meg read it aloud in her best Alan Rickman voice. It can be a real emotional game changer.

4.) Last week, Meg said, out loud, to a large group of people: “It’s a beautiful night for a rotisserie chicken.” And meant it.

5.) The other day, Chris went to get a haircut before The Job Interview That Went Nowhere. As the stylist was finishing up, he said, “Don’t worry, this hair cut will get you laid,” then put his hand on his shoulder, leaned in conspiratorially and whispered, “I guarantee it.” This is the first time a stranger has flirted with Chris since a drunken ex-umpire tried to cop a feel during a Phillies game this spring.

6.) ...And is a much more glamorous version of this text Meg sent Chris from the bus:

2birds1blog: That's sad. Since 1984.™

7.) Meg’s promise to Chris that she’ll one day, at orgasm, open her eyes and exclaim, “JEEPERS!” in an over-articulated 1950’s co-ed voice.

8.) Meg drunk-ordered the book Mastery, Tyranny, and Desire: Thomas Thistlewood and His Slaves in the Anglo-Jamaican World off Amazon last weekend.

She will let you know if it’s good.

9.) We’re tentatively scheduled to speak at Yale in January. We haven’t prepared what we’re going to talk about and we’re not even sure what day we’re going, but we have purchased boat shoes!

10.) This NEW picture of Dave where he looks comically photoshopped in.

Thank God for small favors. <3


Anonymous said...

What is going on here? Third person? Really?

Anonymous said...

I wish I was lying when I said I HAVE that Mastery, Tyranny and Desire book. I took a class in college about the slave trade, and it was required. I could have just sent it to you. This is why you should email me before making drunken book purchases. Lesson learned... :)

~Stop Me if You've Heard This One

Leigh said...

when you go to Yale, try not to get murdered and put in a wall.

Anonymous said...

cool stuff! i like this site. readers interested in finding out more about the secret world of bdsm phone sex operators are also welcome here.

Reading Wolf said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Reading Wolf said...

Oh ok...in reference to the Elephant picture...your mom thinks you have Lupus? If so I feel for you. I have Lupus (SLE) and it is not fun at all. I hope you DON'T have it cause that would suck...but would explain a lot of the stuff you have been complaining about on here.

I was a history major in college and I've found that most History books have off the wall titles. "T-Rex and the Crater of Doom" and "Brotherhood of the Bomb" were some of my favorites.

Poor Dave. Photoshopped again. LOL. He needs to just stop making that face....would that be considered the male equivalent of the "DuckFace"?

(I sent my comment previously without realizing that I said I hope you do have lupus....awk....ward....)

Wendy Roberts said...

I didn't 20 copies of Brainwashing but I did randomly receive 5 copies of Attaching During Adoption that caused me to run around screaming because what if the universe knows something that I don't know and I'm secretly planning to adopt??? I already have 4 kids and their teenagers!

Hopefully whoever received those Brainwashing books is not as paranoid as I am or, you know, it could be scary :/

Anonymous said...

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