I look really gay today.

For those of you who do not know me that is not common. I appear feminine so people are often shocked when they find out I am a Lesbos.

For some reason today I woke up and unconsciously decided on this (casual Friday) I wanted to show my homoness. Perhaps, it was because I spent yesterday watching tons of project runway and then a documentary about a tyranny sex worker. Or maybe it is my nod to the start of the 5th season of the amazing and horrid show The L Word.

There must be some random reason I look like this:

Only in a bit more of a tan/blue family

The second I sat down at my desk I realized how gay I looked. If anyone in the office was thinking I am queer this outfit has answered their questions.

I am wearing:

Hair- In bun so I guess that’s gay in a school mum way CHECK

Face- No make up or earrings (I woke up late) CHECK

Shirt- White button down with gold and sliver stripes CHECK

Vest- Navy blue CHECK

Pants- Tan Corduroys ( I debated between these and work jeans) CHECK

Shoes- Red Chuck Taylors (i.e. the infamous lesbian work sneaker) CHECK

Add in my cup of herbal tea and you get

I wish I could quit you,


Anonymous said...

I remember when you first told me you were a total les. It was my birthday, and I was wasted. My response?

"Whaaaat? (slurred) You are not....nuh uh (still slurred). You are?! Oh." [pause for more falling down or vomiting, whatever I was doing at the moment] "No waaay...I didn't even know! (stumbles toward fridge for more jello shots) well, that's cool. Sometimes I wish IIIIIIIII (obnoxious drunken drawn out vowel) was a lesbian. I would totally do a chick."

Ok, at least I think that's what I said. It's not crystal clear (obvi) but that was the gist of it.

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