Snow Angels

I hate winter. When it started to snow on Sunday I thought “That sucks I should probably move my car before the snow plow comes through.” But it was a weekend, my daybed was so warm cozy, there was no way I was leaving my apartment. Going outside would involve putting on pants, and getting bundled up only to end up wet and cold. After about 2 seconds of debating I decided to stay in bed.

Yes, I have the bed of a 10 year old girl, and yes it might be a reason I never get any.

Well folks, as to be expected the snow did not stop and neither did my laziness. Eventually my car was stuck in the snow and I was stuck for three days working from home.

I realized “working” from home could only go on for so long before someone at work wised up. See, my definition of working from home includes watching netflix on demand, taking a bubble bath, making mashed potatoes from scratch, reading blogs, internet shopping, answering work e-mails so I look productive, and waiting for the UPS guy to deliver my new mahjong set.

Yesterday around 9 am PST I put on four pairs of knit gloves and marched the two blocks to my buried car. After a hour of shoveling (with a shovel I borrowed from a random nearby apartment building) I was sore, frustrated, tired and my car would not budge. I gave up, sat in my car, and cried like a little sissy boy being picked on in the locker room.

When Patsy made the bold step of posting a picture of herself I decided to follow suit. Even when I am digging myself out of a large snow pile I carry around a digital camera and a tripod.

My car is pimp, and yes that’s how I roll TOP DOWN CHROMES SPINNING even in a blizzard!

Now, I am not a very religious gal, as you can tell by my hemline, but I am convinced an angel helped me out yesterday. Just when I had given up hope (about two seconds after this picture) a man appeared between the snow banks. My angel looked like this:

This messenger from g-d came prepared like the boy scouts that he probably touches in their no-no spots! He brought his own shovel and chain smoked cigarettes. The angel then helped me push my car out saying “Yeah girl, get that car a rockin’ (insert wink).”

Thanks to you angel I came into work today even though my office was closed!

I wish I could quit you,



Anonymous said...

Is there a way to make mashed potatoes not from scratch? Like, from a box of mashed potato mix?

Actually, please don't tell me.

I'm sorry you have snow, and I can sort of sympathize. I feel like it rains every other day here, and the temperature rarely breaks 60. Apparently it's monsoon season in Northern California. This is so not what I signed up for.

Anonymous said...

Potato flakes come in a box and you just add water.

I would take rain over snow. As far is "this is not what I signed up for" DITTO my friend DITTO.

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