Shoot 'em up

Happy Drinking Game Friday to one and all!

So recently Eddie sent me a mix CD called “Dance Away Winter Blues,” and I must say it was much needed. I can’t stand that span of time after the holidays where the city is no longer covered in twinkle lights and filled with cheer. Instead it’s just dark and boring. And without twinkle lights. Really, I can’t stress the importance of twinkle lights and my general demeanor. When I get in these angsty-teen-without-a-date-on-prom-night moods, I tend to perpetuate them by listening to glum music and watching depressing movies. One winter break, my mom noticed that I was watching the movie Trainspotting over and over again and decided to remedy this by buying me The Ultimate Neil Diamond Collection. Oh Sweet Caroline, it was awesome.

So I’m going to pass my depression on to you (because friends who care, share). Get your needle ready and find that vein, because it’s time for the Trainspotting Drinking Game!



take one sip…
- Anytime Renton says the word “choose.” Just kidding. You would die.
- Sick Boy talks about James Bond
- Begbie beats somebody up
- Someone says “shyte”
- Someone looks for a vein
- Someone shoots up

take two sips…
- When someone is arrested
- Someone decides to quit heroin
- Someone has sex
- There is a trippy heroin/opium/withdrawal induced scene of a surreal reality

finish your drink and poor some on the ground for your fallen homeboy…
- When Tommy dies

Sha la la!


Anonymous said...

Twinkle lights change ones life, it is SO TRUE.

Remember freshman year of college when your dorm was COVERED in twinkle lights?!? Good times/maybe that was sophomore year?


Anonymous said...

holy shit, i think i'll put twinkle lights up right now. how about in this office. maybe then i wont feel like...punching someone? quitting? cussing out the next caller? bomb threatening? can't say bomb on a plane. it's 2. that's totally unfair. what has this world come to...i actually have a funny story about twinkly lights.

junior year when i was going out w ryan mcclure i thought itd be really romantic to do it with twinkly lights in my room. i think this was fairly obvious to some. hopefully not my mom. i guess the story wasn't that funny. it's nice to remember a time when i was actually geting some... holy winter depression batman...get me outa this dump...if it werent friday id...

Anonymous said...

1.) re eddie: my room was covered in twinkle lights sophomore year. it was so magical my friend. our living room now has twinkle lights around the perimeter to keep us in good spirits.

2.) re ang: awww! def. put twinkies up in your office so you don't staple jennifer to death. that was a nice story of getting some...i was thinking on the subway this morning that i haven't gotten some in so long. cobwebs, 'nuff said. and don't worry! soon you'll be drunk in a limo wearing a shirt that you've chosen to wear as a dress because that's so in character for you and GOD DADMN it's why i love you slash my mom thinks we tied the knot years ago in vegas.

xoxo Pats

Anonymous said...

I think when we take our tree down (yes, it's still up and ALIVE) the twinkle lights shall be transplanted to the perimeter of the living room. Or something. Because our living room is vaguely empty and depressing, and when the tree is gone, it's going to be mighty naked.

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