Happy Columbus Day!



Anonymous said...

You have to cross an ocean for it. Not worth it, really.

Anonymous said...

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! This is your "comeback" that was promised on Friday?!

Anonymous said...

@ poster 12:11 -- harsh, hater, harsh!
the interweb is wiiide, find something else to do today. sheesh!

Anonymous said...

heh, no. he's right.

Nick H. said...

It is a holiday post. The holiday posts have been this way for as long as I can remember. Why would you expect today to be any different?

Anonymous said...

Labor Day got a full post, Nick H. Check your facts before commenting.

Anonymous said...

dear militant comment posters, meg and chris should be able to enjoy this fine holiday like the rest of us. please stop drinking the haterade. kthx

Anonymous said...

Turtle, turtle! So cute. :)

Kristyn said...

I had no idea today was a holiday until this very moment. 2b1b: raising awareness one cute turtle at a time.

Christine said...

Baby steps, people! We all know Meg's gone through hell recently, so cut her some slack. Geeze, did the haters even read Friday's post? Besides, it is a holiday. And a turtle graphic is a million times better than no post at all.

Telperion said...

I would like a disclaimer added to the comments section that if a post is either 1) about the fact that more posts haven't been made or the length of a post or 2) about defending the blog writers re: the above, that it NOT GET POSTED. The rest of us are tired of both the offense and defense on this tired issue.
Many many thanks - and no holiday for me or anyone else I know lol, I'm at work (and yes, I'm American lol).

Adventures in MetroLand said...

awkward turtle?

Unknown said...

Wow, can everyone stop pissing their pants about this post?
Maybe it's because I'm Canadian and today is Thanksgiving here, so I am full of holiday cheer and goodwill, but who gives a fuck? We got a cute picture of a turtle. We know Meg and Chris are going through a rough time right now. Sorry that they didn't post on this blog FOR FREE for our entertainment.

I love you guys, happy Columbus day/Canadian thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? If you don't have the time/energy/finances to commit to doing the blog well, maybe it's time for a sabbatical.

Anonymous said...

"Instead of writing a post about how you've been too busy to update your blog, just delete your fucking blog."
-Aaron Karo

Anonymous said...

i totally agree with Telperion. if you don't have anything nice to say, then shut the f up and get out. don't ruin 2b1b for the rest of us who love it (and the authors!) unconditionally

lauren said...

I'm sure there's a great post coming tomorrow, but like the others have been saying, we almost always get posts like this on holidays! You people really need to relax and go read another blog or get off the computer if all you're going to do is leave hate comments on other people's blogs....

Anonymous said...

I wish that turtle was raping a shoe.

Anonymous said...

instead of writing another comment bitching about the lack of updates, just go read another fucking blog.

erin said...

fun fact: It's also National Coming Out Day AND Canadian Thanksgiving. There are very few things I love more than gays and food!

Anonymous said...

Who let the Canadian use the internet? Not okay.

Unknown said...

^Bryan Adams and Celine Dion gave me permish

Caitlin said...

I can find many things to do when Meg and Chris don't have time to write.

Those things can and often include:
Drinking a bottle of wine.
Drinking a case of beer.
Drinking anything with alcohol in it.
Watching Dexter.
Watching every season of Dexter.
Watching Weeds.
Writing in my own blog.
Stalking people on Facebook.
Eating a burrito.
Balancing my checkbook.
Freaking out from balancing my checkbook.
Watching my boyfriend smoke weed.
Wishing I could smoke weed without it making me retarded.
Walking my dog.
Watching my dog poop.
Drinking anything with alcohol in it.
Running around DC trying to find the real live Meghan McBlogger.
Updating Twitter unnecessarily.
Playing Solitaire.
Killing zombies.


I mean seriously, be grateful for what you have, you greedy little pigs.

Much love Meg and Chris, much love.

Anonymous said...

Caitlin, I want your life, and I'm not being sarcastic.

Anonymous said...

what a cop out.

I used to read this blog all the time, then there started to be more and more guest bloggers. now there's rarely any posts. Just delete the damn thing, and what's worse now you ask for money from people AND don't write.

I think you could get picked up as a legit writer, but trying to make a blog become your bread a butter seems like a dead end to me.

Anonymous said...


7 said...

Holiday or no holiday, what's funny is that it really does appear that this is in fact the post that she made such a big deal over because she wrote it early. TURNING OVER A NEW LEAF!!!1

T&G said...

You guys need to chill out. If it's sad that Meg's not updating regularly, whats even sadder is that you keep coming back and take the time to bitch about it. Looks like Meg has a life. And you don't. Loser.

Anonymous said...

you people are all freaking crazy. go pound salt.

Anonymous said...

The sad part is that EVERYONE should be able to voice their comments on the blog. That's what this section is for. Critiques, praises...I mean I personally would want to know if my readers were unhappy (which I'm not saying all of them are at all), ESPECIALLY if I was trying to make the blog more popular/a job.

Just because you disagree doesn't mean you have to freak out on other commenters...even though this section has been far more entertaining recently haha! I think readers have a right to be disappointed in no-posts, just like everyone has a right to be defensive about a girl they don't know. I'm sure if the nay-sayers really want to stop reading they will, with or without your urging.

Lacy said...

I think it's pretty funny that pretty much all the haters are posting anonymously. If you're going to have such a strong opinion about a girl and her blog, own it!

Lacy said...

Also, "Don't be tardy for the party" is my favorite comment so far. Good to know I'm not the only fan of those crazy ATL Housewives!

Anonymous said...

Dear Meg,
You should totally hire someone to moderate your comments for you. That way you wouldn't have to see all the "you used to be awesome but now you don't update you suck" crap that gets posted here. And by "hire" I mean ask for a volunteer or have your mom do it or something. Lord knows you have enough loyal fans who would do it, and you mom seemed cool about this whole thing when she was on Queer Abby. I know crappy comments stress you out, so maybe it would be easier on you if you didn't have to see them? Just a thought. I know there is actually a human being out there, and stress is awful, so I just wanted to give my 2 cents. Alternativly you could have people register to comment, that might cut out some of the riff raff as well.

Anonymous said...

How is censoring the comments going to help? The white knight comments are just as worthless and unproductive as the hater comments.

Don't pander to us Meg. Change your posting schedule because you don't work M-F so it doesn't accommodate to you. How hard is that? I don't know why you are so worried about what we think. We argue with strangers about another strangers blog then donate money to someone who is blowing it on beer and waxing.

Lolo said...

Anonymous at 11:36, you do have a point, but here's the thing:

If you have constructive criticism, go ahead and share it in a polite and mature way. There have been a few posters doing that, and they are welcome to their opinions. However, many others are simply being jerks (and is it just me, or does anyone else have a nagging suspicion they're related to Fairfax Underground? Seems like the immature shit that started happening after that little debacle).

Anyway, the point is, if you have a point, make it, just don't be an a*hole about it. It's not necessary.

Kelly said...

agreed Lolo! You can be a little upset about a no-post, but I think from Meg's last post we can all tell that she's legit going through some shit. If you go through some shit at your regular 9-5 job, its acceptable for most people to say "listen, having a bad day, im just gonna be quiet today, get my shit done, and get outta here"...and at a 9-5 you're getting PAID. So if you're upset, express yourselves in a way that isn't douchey. Especially since most of you are using Meg's posts as a way to procrastinate at your own jobs....where you are, again, getting paid.

Basically, freedom of speech and all that crap, but cut the girl a break if you aren't gonna take her grocery shopping and buy her a bottle of wine.

Kathryn said...

Hey Meg, a little tip: If you REALLY want to make this blog a success and something to live off of, you should probably ACTUALLY post every now and then.

Sorr about the truth.

Blake said...

While I don't think the comments should be censored, I do imagine that all of the haters look like THIS GUY:


Anonymous said...

I thought this little tidbit would give you a giggle.
I was eating from a bag of potato chips when I realized there was something I couldn't chew. What was it you ask? A small piece of wood. Yup.
Sending love your way.

Anonymous said...

i understand everyone has stuff to go through.. but there are TWO bloggers. where the heck is chris? maybe if things are becoming overwhelming they should find someone else to guest blog in the down time. just a friendly suggestion.

Emz321 said...

I just plain miss you guys. I hope you come back soon. I find it hilarious that people get worked up over you not having a post, those people must REAAAALLLLY miss you. Kinda funny people get so upset about it and then get mean, it just makes no sense. It's kinda like a kid throwing a tantrum because they're not getting what they want when they want it. Wonder how the rest of their lives go, if they're so worked up over a blog, real life must hit them hard.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't upset me that there aren't any new posts because I get that this isn't a subscription that I'm paying for and that Meg and Chris aren't getting paid to blog. They have no obligation to post everyday or even every other day if they don't feel like it/have other shit going on. But what is annoying is that Meg just made a big deal on Friday about saying that she was going to dedicate herself more to the blog but then doesn't. Why not just say "I have a lot of personal stuff going on right now and won't be able to post daily." Everyone would be able to respect that a lot more and wouldn't get angry that there is nothing new up.


Anonymous said...

For when Meg & Chris are overwhelmed/busy/suffering from writers' block (is it "writers' block" or "writers block?"), I vote for posting more reader submissions from the "Sexual Misadventures Contest" back in May-- the same one that introduced Kevin Yang, now a 2b1b favorite. If we can't laugh at Chris & Meg's lives, let's laugh at our own.

P.S. Meg & Chris, hope whatever you're both going through gets better soon. We miss you.

Anonymous said...

hmmmmmm turtle raping a shoe full of ANON 12:56 and his hater brethren. that turtle is gonna delete you with his constant little turtle thrusts. deal, bitchmeister.

Anonymous said...

Just to prove that not all of us are mean and hateful I just donated. So there, take that mean people, you just got Meg some cash. Sweet of you really.

Anonymous said...

Awesome idea, Anon 4:53. In place of a no post Tuesday, I'd love to read the misadventures of followers of this blog, maybe even volunteer one or two of my own that may or may not have involved pooping my pants.

-B- said...

I second the reader story competition idea - the Sexual Misadventures was hilarious. And it gave us Kevin Yang! How could things go wrong??

lauren. said...

not gonna lie, i've been a loyal fan for a long time and have donated many comments in defense of meg/chris, but even i was kind of peeved that there's been no post all day. especially because yesterday i defended them by saying i was sure there'd be an awesome post today....if they areeee going to ask people for money then i do think that they should be a little more responsible in updating the blog, just especially because they are so locally recognized and everything. i do think it's kind of dumb for people to just leave hate comments, but at the same time...

....if you can't take hate comments, then you shouldn't striveeee to have a famous public blog.......just saying...think about it...

...anyway, still love you lots meg and chris!!!! you're both fab and hope that you're getting through everything okay right now and i for one welcome you back soon with open arms!!


ps i totally agree with one of the comments above about how at least the comment section has lots of interesting things to read hahahah

Anonymous said...

I will donate $1 for every post from here til the end of October. Plus $5 per week extra if there are actually 5 posts per week. That's a max of $10 per week, McBlogger. You game?

Linds said...

Ugh this blog is PA-to-the-thetic. I'm done now. Thank goodness I had the sense not to donate any of my real-job money to you egomaniacal idiots.

Anonymous said...

No Post Tuesday! glad to see you're taking the blog you want to make into your bread and butter seriously, meg

Sarah said...

If that turtle does a strip tease and rapes a shoe, I'll donate lots of $1 bills, if you catch my drift, which I think you do because turtle rape = stripper sexy.

Anonymous said...

"I even wrote two blog posts today to make sure that we're back on schedule for next week. hey HEY hey."


UGH said...

Don't worry, guys. As opposed to wallowing in self pity and/or figuring out her shit, "Meggles" is at Churchkey bar right now for local writer Dave Stroup's going away party. Probably spending your Paypal donations. So that's pretty awesome.

Anonymous said...

I agree with posting some more of the sexual misadventure stories, those were hilarious. Or at least take 5 seconds to post the middle school picture of you that was promised days ago.

I'm sorry for the tough love, but it's getting a little hard to defend you guys when you keep flaking out. It would be one thing to flake out on a blog you even say you don't take seriously, but when you claim you want to make it a success and accept donations from your readers to do so, but then put zero effort into even posting on it, it kind of comes off as douchey, which is why you're getting so many hater comments.

7 said...

I'm thinking about going into the hamster business. Anyone have any experience in that field? If so, got any tricks of the trade?

Lotta money in them hamsters.

Susan said...

Somewhere out there, Suzy Soro is cackling around a mouth crammed with babka.

kate said...

i'm not even mad, just disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl, hey! I love the blog: have been reading for years (but never commented, but now I'm drunk so...you know... FEELINGS!!!) A couple o' things:
1- When I make it in Hollywood, I'm totally creating a series about this blog called "Life of Meg" (but don't hold your breath because I'm sort of a failure, but KEEP HOPING!!!)
2- The "sorr about the bag" bags are sold out, and I reeeeeally want one slash want to support the blog: so...restock??

Love you girl. You're hilarious, you light up my weekdays, and fuck the haters.

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