If my door gets egged this weekend, something tells me it won't be related to Halloween...

Uhhhhh, guys. Something a little bit horrifying slash mostly hilarious slash no, really it was more horrifying just happened. But before I tell you, let's first get the old T.G.I. Hagman out of the way:


As of 5:01am on October 29, 2010, Larry Hagman is...alive! Sign, sealed, delivered; he's yours.

OK, so it's currently 2:04 in the morning and about a half an hour ago Dan and I scuttled over to Baja Fresh for a midnight taco run (lies. I got a Diet Coke because I'm still full from my lunchtime fish taco/Percocet make out session and Dan got a burrito.) (Don't judge us and our lifestyle.) and on our way back into the apartment, I checked my mail. Mixed in amongst the usual past-due notices and depressing bank statements was this sketchy-ass envelope:


Dan and I got in the elevator with a middle-aged gentleman who lives in my building and I looked at the envelope and said, "Uhh...who do I know at the Center for Arab and Islamic Studies at Villanova University?"

"Ooo! Maybe someone's trying to kill you!" Dan said, with genuine interest and excitement.

"Well that is serial killer handwriting if I've ever seen it." Dan snatched the envelope out of my hand and I asked him to open it. Mostly because if there was anthrax it inroses are red, fire is hot, I'm holding my breathe and you, sir, are not. Dan opened the envelope and took out a folded piece of lined notebook paper.

"Oh Jesus God. Dan, it's a single piece of notebook paper in handwritten pen. Someone is going to kill me. Dan, someone is absolutely going to kill me."

As the elevator stopped on my floor, Dan unfolded the paper, squinted at what it said and read aloud:

"Evie...Yang's...na na na na na na shrimp fried rice?"


[As it turns out, that's just a little racially charged, Evie-based inside joke/caricature from Tulane Chris. I always forget that he goes to Villanova and has a penchant for sending me comical mail every now and then, that skamp.]

Now, what I failed to mention up until now is that the middle-aged gentleman in the elevator with us was an Asian gentleman. Which means that Dan pulled out a sketch of my parent's Tonkinese cat wearing a paddy hat, squinting and saying "dericious!" over a plate of shrimp while he deadpanned, "Evie Yang's na na na na na na shrimp fried rice" about six inches away from an Asian man. The second after "rice?" flew out of his mouth, he realized what had just happened, made a "guhhhh" noise and sprinted out of the elevator before collapsing in front of my door in a little puddle of embarrassment.

So basically what this means is that I have now officially offended all two Asians in my apartment building. Every last one of them now thinks that I'm racist. Or have extremely racist friends. I hassle them in the lobby for my food and get amateur Klan art in the mail from Arab/Islamic scholars in Pennsylvania. But if you need to borrow a cup of sugar as racially pure as fresh morning snow, Lord knows I'm here for you.

Sigh. Moving on. So Halloween weekend, huh? Right on. As I mentioned yesterday, Tulane Chris will be visiting this weekend. We're going to do a 2b1b investigation, write a post together, drink a lot, emote, go to Target, emote some more. I'm pretty excited. The culmination of this weekend, however, will be waking up at an obscenely early hour on Sunday morning to cheer Becca and Geoff on as they tackle the Marine Corps Marathon, or their "long distance jog" as I like to call it because belittling my sister's running career is a Facebook interest of mine. It comes from a place of pure jealousy, of course. She sets goals for herself and has the discipline to train for months to accomplish a physical feat, whereas I opened up my umbrella the other day a sugar packet fell out. (That's not a joke, by the way. That happened. I assume I threw a sugar packet in my bag when I got coffee and it got wedged in my umbrella somehow, but still. She did the Army 10K last weekend for funsies and it's literally raining Type II Diabetes on me.)

I realize I could just take up running too, but, you know, effort. I'd prefer to put all of that energy into good old fashioned projecting! I want to make a sign to cheer Becca on, but I can't decide which motivational slogan to go with:








I guess I could always just make seven signs? Either way, I'm pumped. If you'll be in town for the rallies this weekend, I hope you enjoy yourself! And if not, I hope you have a great Halloween weekend wherever you are! To kick the weekend off right, here's a quick little recap of last week's "Jersey Shore" finale I owe you from when I was out sick. It's late, but meh. Something tells me we'll all live.

"Jersey Shore", Season 2: THE FINALE!

Yes, it's the finale. It's time for our Zelko soaked heros and heroines to return to the tri-state area from whence they came. But not before they go on a wacky road trip to the Everglades to see, quote Pauly D, "crocodiles and alligators, or whatever you call them." You shockingly had it right the first time, sir. Although Snooki refers to them as "crock-o-dillios" which immediately makes me hope I'll be reincarnated into a rapping crocodile so I can dub myself the "Crock-o-Dillio" and release an album called, "What the Crock-o-Dillio??" But, yes. They go to see the gators. None eat them; world weeps. Afterwards they go to a little country cafe where they eat fried frog legs. Ronnie is deeply disturbed, J-WOWW is nauseated. On the car ride home, The Situation gets car sick and pukes frog legs up. Wakka, wakka.

I'm sure you're all wondering what ever will happen to Pauly D and Vinny and their little Miami wifies, right? Well, nothing. They take 'em out to dinner (Vinny's gal is 45 minutes late. Or on Meg time, if you will,) make out with them in the street, tell them to K.I.T. and call it a night. Sorry, both dates were incredibly uneventful. I wish I had more for you. Although I will say that Pauly D's lady has got a pair of hooters on her. So. They'll always have that.

Ronni and Sammi go out for one last Miami dinner andshock!they get in a fight. Here:

Good enough.

On their last night out, the gang heads to BED where two girls (both of whom I would describe as "atrocious about the face") are all over Vinny and offer to have a threeway with him. And by "offer to have a threeway with him," I mean scream, "Are we fucking tonight, baby??" and "You're gonna have the threesome of your life!" to him over the thumping Enrique Iglesias music. But alas, he can't stop thinking about Ramona and turns them down. Which is when The Situation swoops in, takes them to the John and makes them forget all about Stepfathers 1-3. Bless his heart.

On their last night in the house, the gang has one last family dinner and then retires to the living room to hand out superlatives. It starts out all innocent and light-hearted like "Most Likely to Get Skin Cancer" hahaha LOLZ all of us! but takes a serious turn when The Situation says Vinny should get "Most Likely to be a Follower." Then guess what happens? Correct: escalate, escalate, escalate full-blown fight. This was one of the most confusing fight sequences yet, so let me break it down for you:

The Situation rags a little too hard on Vinny for being a "fake" "follower", so J-WOWW puts an end to it by telling The Situation that he's the fake one and storms out of the room While she's gone, The Situation says she's the fakest one in the house Abiding by "Girl Code", Snooki tells J-WOWW that The Situation said she was fake and that Pauly D nodded his head in agreement J-WOWW confronts The Situation and says, "If I'm fake, then Pauly D is fake because he talks shit about you behind your back," The Situation confronts Pauly D Pauly D goes into a roid rage and pops a blood vessel or two He confronts J-WOWW J-WOWW says she told The Situation that because she heard that he agreed with The Situation that she was fake He asks her who told her that Snooki makes an "eep!" noise, implicating herself Pauly D yells at Snooki for a while Snooki gets mad at J-WOWW for making her look like an asshole Snooki cries Everyone's like J/K!!! We're such a family: we hate each other but we love each other and I'm going to miss you guys so much even though we have a shit ton of promotional stuff coming up and Season 3 around the corner, omg we're such a family.


And yes, it was just as anti-climactic for me as it was for you. Welp! Have a great weekend guys and we'll see you next week! Buy-bye.


Rachel said...

love the signs...LOVE them. hahahahah.

NotablyNeurotic said...

I'm all for any kind of sign that discusses or alludes to the idea of diarrhea (I always have to google how to spell that.)

"Veronica and I trying this new fad called uh, jogging. I believe it's jogging or yogging. it might be a soft j. I'm not sure but apparently you just run for an extended period of time. It's supposed to be wild."

LB said...

If any of my friends read today's post, they are definitely going to think that I took my love of this blog just a tad too far and sent a creepy letter from my alma mater. And frankly, for a second, I thought I had. Thank god for Tulane Chris! (TC, let's meet up and talk about Jay Wright. Kthx)

Non Sequitur Chica said...

I vote for the Nips sign. All of the runners will have trouble keeping a straight face once they see that one.

Jen said...

"She did the Army 10K last weekend for funsies and it's literally raining Type II Diabetes on me."

that. made. me. laugh. hard.
anddddddd maybe pee a little....

love all the signs. go with "it doesn't look THAT hard" if you only do one though.
i am running race for the cure next weekend and that is definitely a sign that would annoy me!

great post, meglet!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

One of your chants should be: "WHAT ARE YOU RUNNING FROM"

Anonymous said...

I want Tulane Chris to send me random, anonymous, potentially racially inappropriate mail.

No seriously. I really do.

Anonymous said...


Ameline said...

Oooh! I minored in Arab & Islamic Studies at Villanova when Meg and TC were still in middle school. So, TC, tell Prof. Omran hello from...anonymous commenter.

CaitBel said...

Meg! Meg! I'm running the marine corps marathon too! Puh-leeeeease make a sign for me!! I'll be in a royal blue t-shirt and shorts... Or you can, you know, just kinda cheer in general. K THX!!

But just a warning, if I see a girl holding any one of the aforementioned signs, I may leave the race course to tackle you :)

Unknown said...

bahahahahahaha to all of it SLASH.....someone sugar packetted your umbrella?! thats taking shit to NEW heights madame! <3

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Haha love the signs! I ran in the MCM yesterday morning and someone had a sign that said "you think running 26.2 miles is hard? i had to wake up early this morning to make this sign"

Anonymous said...

C'mon Meglet. You were doing so well. Please don't make it a NPM.

Anonymous said...

The signs are definitely my favorite part of the MCM. Some of the winners:
"Bloody nips are sexy"
"The bridge is your bitch"
"You're the freaks that signed up for this"
My personal favorite:
"Are you DTF after mile 26.2?" a la Jersey Shore.

Mia R said...

Hahaha those are great--I did the MCM sunday and my boyfriend held a sign that had a mile count down for Free Beer. Btw, it's the Army 10 Miler, unless you were saying 10k to further belittle your sister's running career, in which case, you and my boyfriend should get together since he enjoys calling my training runs "quick jogs"

Christine said...

Anonymous 6:55 AM, I'm going to go ahead and state the obvious: You're a spammer. Leave.

Anonymous said...

Laughed so hard at your suggestions that I went ahead and held up a poster board that said "I did the elliptical for 30 min this morning!" at the MCM on Sunday for my roommate. The runners loved it AND my name is Megan so I'm basically you! I wish you had spotted me with your genius sign out on the trail!

Anonymous said...


rude-dude said...

Hahaha. great title dude. kinda reminds me of the yuppies guide to brooklyn by alex e.

KittyCat said...

Love the signs.

New here, think I might hang out awhile.
Your pretty freakin funny. and Im looking for some Funny.

Just sayin......

Unknown said...

You are and always will be the Kevin to my Yang. <3

Unknown said...

I really wish you'd had those signs. I might have run faster or just given up.

Anonymous said...

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