Can you put sunscreen on Drinking Game Friday's back?

I don't know about where you are at, dear reader, but it is going to be brootiful here in NYC this weekend. Mid-80's, sunny, perfect. I couldn't be more excited, as I've recently purchased some gold lamé hot pants that I've been dying to wear. I'm kidding, that's not why I'm excited (besides I've already worn the hot pants several times to various functions). I'm excited because nice weather means being outside. Everything is better when it's outside.

Remember in college the first time your professor said "Alright everyone, we're going to have class outside today."? I nearly peed my pants with excitement, because that never happens to me. (I was a bio major in college, so this happened in the one English elective I took. It's hard to have chemistry lab outside. Beakers and whatnot.)

Also, what could be better than eating a nice meal at a sidewalk cafe? (Maybe if you ate that nice meal outside with some marble columns). And don't even get me started on outdoors drinking, because I would never stop.

But my primary reason for thoroughly enjoying the nice weather/being outdoors is that everyone and their mother is doing the exact same thing. Which is a recipe for some prime people watching. I'm not shy about admitting I generally dislike most strangers, but that doesn't mean I can't watch and judge them from afar. And while people watching is a year round treat, warm weather brings out all kinds. So grab a flask, slap on the sunscreen, head to the nearest green space or beach and play the People Watching Drinking Game!


For every shirtless guy you see:
- drink once if he should not be shirtless
- drink twice if he should be shirtless
- drink thrice if he should probably also be pantsless

For every girl in a bathing suit top:

- drink once if she unclasps the back
- drink twice if she removes it altogether (our European readers are going to be wasteddddddd)

For every couple you see:

- drink once for appropriate levels of PDA (hand holding, peck on the cheek)
- drink twice for inappropriate levels (slobbering over each other, dry humping)


- drink once for every bro playing frisbee or catch or hackeysack
- drink twice when a catch or throw is totally botched
- drink three times for an unusual sport being played (who brings croquet to the park? is this 1860?)

Thanks for reading, enjoy the weather and we'll see you back here Monday morning! Also, you should totally follow us on twitter and join our Facebook page. That way when your friends like, "oh you should read this blog I found, it's called 2birds1blog," you can be like, "Uh, I knew about that months ago. Didn't you see it on my Facebook? Are you just discovering hoola-hoops and Dan Fogleberg too? Pfff, loser."


Unknown said...

I'm really enjoying that all the shitty weather in New York is during the week and the nice weather is on the weekends. I'm especially excited this weekend, because I recently found out about a wine tasting something or other-I'm not quite clear on the details, except that I'm going to be getting drunk on free wine in Gramercy on Saturday. these things always sound too good to be true, so if this is a hoax, I'm going to be PISSED.

2b1b: The sardonic voice of 20-somethings everywhere, Monday through Friday. said...

Uhh...Chris can we do that Sunday?

Ashley said...

I could play this game EVERY DAY cause now that I live in Louisiana the weather is nice like 85% of the time. That last 15% is for "winter" (hahahaha I laugh at their concept of winter) and hurricane season.

[Even during hurricanes, it's still hot and people are in various states of undress. I just wouldn't call it nice weather. Plus people are already drunk due to the hurricane.]

This is how it goes: Hurricane _____ is coming!? Shit. You get the beer/daiquiris/any other form of alcohol you want to consume. I'll start to cook all the food in our freezer before we lose power and the 100 degree heat destroys it all. Hope you're hungry!

It's like a big ass block party.

Unknown said...

My boyfriend and I totally bring croquet to the high school fields. It's kind of fun because one or two of our friends always stop by and want to play. Plus, if it's just the two of us, I always win :)

Anonymous said...

so you're in new york drinking outside and scoffing and fat people and toasting to the attractive? HOW ARE WE NOT BEST FRIENDS?

I love your blog and am quite sardonic and a fan of drinking as well. please email me. lets drink pimms cocktails in the park.


Christine said...

Love it.

My friends and I all live within a block of the greenway in Boston, so we often enjoy relaxing afternoons of dartying (day partying) with some games of bocce and croquet thrown in the mix. Very enjoyable.

anne said...

croquet is a bit more popular than you might think. and if you enjoy people watching and are still in dc this time next year, plan a trip to annapolis for the day for some seriously entertaining people watching. http://www.wtop.com/?nid=25&sid=1654016

Anonymous said...

I'm also very fond of doing routine activities al fresco! Plus I'm super outdoorsy in that I love getting drunk on patios.

Unknown said...

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