Come on Maryland, get your shit together

I had to share. From a phone conversation I just had with my mom:

Me: I just read on Twitter that the Maryland House killed the same-sex marriage bill. That's some fucking bullshit right there!

Diane: That is too bad.

M: [Reading from the Post] 'The Maryland House of Delegates has voted to effectively kill for this year a bill that would have allowed same-sex marriage in the state. The House approved on voice vote a motion to send the bill back to the Judiciary Committee, an acknowledgment by supporters that it did not have sufficient votes to pass on the floor.'

D: I thought it was expected to go through?

M: Well, it says a few paragraphs down that 'The bill had significant momentum coming out of the Senate but ran into resistance in the Democratic-led House from African-American lawmakers from Prince George's County, who cited religious opposition in their districts, and conservative Democrats in Southern Maryland and the Baltimore suburbs.'

D: Aren't African American men the ones with that culture of low...low-down...?

M: Down-Low Brothers.

D: [Sighs] You can do it in the middle of a poker game, but you can't get married.

...Never has "Down-Low" homosexuality been so eloquently defined.

Diane: A++

My beloved Maryland: See me after class, young lady



Steve Kline said...

Right on Meg. I am a straight Republican who supports gay marriage. Guess that means I failed my litmus test.

Michael said...

SO what you're saying is I should start playing poker...

HokiESQ said...

My delegate, Anne Kaiser of District 14, came out on the floor of the House today. I could not be prouder to say I voted for her!!
And I guess I'm a down-low Republican... as in, I'm registered Republican but I vote straight Democrat, homie.

Anonymous said...

Meg! The poker game is from an SVU episode where Ice T describes the down low to all the other characters. It.is.hilarious. It's a bunch of black guys that meet up and get together while pretending to play poker. That is totally where she even learned about it!


2b1b: The sardonic voice of 20-somethings everywhere, Monday through Friday. said...

I would die of shock if Diane has seen even 30 seconds of an SVU episode.

2b1b: The sardonic voice of 20-somethings everywhere, Monday through Friday. said...

Wow, that sounded really cunty in retrospect. What I'm trying to say is, I don't think my mom's seen SVU; I do think it's entirely possible she's soul-mates with Ice-T, however. It would explain my existence pretty well.

Michael said...

Between that comment ant TC's mention of her nails, your mom is officially a brunette Coco in my mind.

2b1b: The sardonic voice of 20-somethings everywhere, Monday through Friday. said...

She does do some calendar work.

Jewels said...

Hey Meg - local MD Lobbyist here (not working on the marriage bill but following it closely). Here's what happened: The MD Democratic Leadership - the Speaker of the House and the Whips did not have a conclusive "score" of the 71 votes (out of 141) needed to pass the bill. It was a serious failure of strategic leadership because everyone knows you NEVER let a bill out of committee for a full vote until you know if you have the 71 votes to get it passed on the full vote. The Leadership basically was 5-7 votes short and had "hoped" that they would "come around" and be persuaded to vote for the bill and to get the vote count to 71. After nearly 4 hours of debate, the floor leaders realized they were short on votes. Rather than force a vote where all 141 votes would become public, it was best to commit the bill back to committee (which yes, effectively kills the measure for this year) and bring the bill back in 2012. Forcing a vote could’ve been worse for the measure because some legislators willing to stick out their neck and vote FOR the bill in their districts that the majority were against the bill would be political suicide. So for strategic planning, it is better for the bill to “go down” without a full vote and come back next year with their shit in gear. Politics is brutal. Love the tattoo!

Anonymous said...

Dear Meg,

I am visiting family in DC and we are in Dupont circle and I wonder if any of the randos on the street is you! Except probs not.

Love the blog.

Anonymous said...

Sweet tattoo.

Sorr about the foot. (yikes)

Mrs. P said...

I watched a Tyra episode where they discussed "down-low" brothas. I have explained this phenomenon to many of my friends. I appreciate the relevant post. and I hope MD get's their shit together too.

Sarah said...

While I too am disappointed in Maryland, I'm more disappointed that I've casually used the term 'down-low' without knowing what it actually meant.

Katherine said...

have to admit, i had no idea what "down-low" meant.... hope that search doesn't pop up in IT...

Anonymous said...

i think there's a distinction between "down low" or "the down low" and "a down low brother."

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