Just dropping in to clarify that I haven't been MIA because I died of Salmonella poisoning (HEY-OHHHHHSMALL VICTORIES!!!!); we're working for The Man this week. For it is The Man who keeps us in house dresses and Kendall-Jackson Chardonnay. Oh, and Lexie Briggs, who donated yet AGAIN this week. God I love that woman. The Man and Lexie Briggsideal co-pilots for a fantasy naked hot tub party??? Don't mind if I do, and don't mind if I do. (Let it be known I was about to make an unbelievably nauseating skimmer joke right there but managed to edit myself. You're welcome.)

Alright, momma's gonna go make some money, b
ut I'll be back. And I have a shit-ton of half-written posts hanging out on my desktop, so hopefully not only will I be back, but I'll be coming. In your faces. With posts. Good. Glad you went there with me on that one. I leave you now two quick yummies and a quick reminder to follow us on Twitter because I'll be in Philly for the rest of the week and weekend working with Chris, and Meg/Chris work sessions tend to produce a lot of unfortunate tweeting about "The Price is Right" and scissoring. Not necessarily in that order. KBYE.

1.) I was pokin' around my parent's basement last week and found my COMPLETE COLLECTION OF AMERICAN GIRL TRADING CARDS IN THE OFFICIAL COLLECTIBLE BINDER. No big deal. No big fuckin' mint-condition deal. Anyway, I was flipping through the binder and reminiscing and feeling warm and fuzzy when
this card caught my eye:
Does that, or does that not look like the official trading card for 18th Century Molestation? And what does it say about me that if there were such a thing as century specific molestation trading cards, I would pay whatever it takes to get the circa Industrial Revolution one because I have a thing for fingerless gloves and "Spinning Jenny" wordplay?

2.) Meglet and Monty. Eatin' raisins. Looking uncomfortably Asian. And
rull tired. 4 lyfe.


Anonymous said...

Holy shit! I thought I was the only one who had the American Girl trading cards. Did you get the magazines? (Talking about the magazine and not the catalog) I definitely found a stash of those when I was home for Christmas.

Katherine said...

#1. i own all the original American Girl dolls, and their books. they are stashed in my parents attic, retired until i squeeze out a small one of my own. that sounded grosser than i thought. anyway, i digress.
#2. ARE YOU DOING ERIN EXPRESS IN PHILLY THIS WEEKEND!?!?!!? i will wear something on my person that says 2b1b during this (but only because i know you'll be in philly) so if you see me, say hi.
#3. i think that's it.

Rachel "I did not kill your cat" N. said...

Um you were the most adorable child ever. ever. I remember you at that age and you had the cutest dimples!! Also, I wish you had posted the picture of becca at age 5 in her underwear riding horsey on your dad's back. Thats gold.

Steph Barnard said...

The TRADING CARDS. Yesssss. IIRC, that guy was a creeper Felicity was afraid of, but of course he turned out to be a nice old man. Uh-huh. Sure.

Anonymous said...

maybe you're related to kevin yang? who knew!

Andrea said...

Wow, I just thought I was a genius because I read an old post and figured out your last name, then I googled it and realized it was in a couple newspaper articles and I'm not nearly as clever as I thought I was. Oh well...

Kristyn said...

Holy cute kid, Batman!

Francesca said...

I always love the American Girls so much and was PISSED when my Gramma gave me Molly for Christmas one year. What the hell Gramma? Give me the dorkiest doll ever? I wanted Samantha so much because she had the prettiest things (oh how fancy her bed was...) and I think she had a chiffarobe and who doesn't love that word. Felicity was brand new when I was in the height of the craze and I loved her pretty hair! Oh, bringing me back, Meg, bringing me back.

Meredith said...

This is so timely and appropriate bc just yesterday, my employer (a large DC university) sent out an email to staff members about goings-on and encouraged us to set up a "brown bag lunch" seminar. This was the graphic they used:


Am I the only one who knows EXACTLY what that is?

Meredith said...

No wait, don't click the above link! It doesn't take you to the picture, it takes you to the summary (but it's not a virus, so no worries). Instead, click here:


Lo siento, friends.

Anonymous said...

This may or may not sound racist, but I was obsessed with getting my hands on the Addie American girl doll, and I'm pretty sure all my friends made fun of me for it. Also, I've pretty much exclusively dated black guys so thanks for taking me down memory lane as well, I think this may have explained a few things for me.

Becca said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Becca said...

Simmer down Rachel, simmer down.

Meg, remember how I wanted an American Girl Doll more than anything and Mom didn't get me one but then got you like, 5? And the trading cards? And took you to the tea? And had you model in the fashion show?

That trauma makes up for the bike.

LoLo said...

Have no fear, meredith. You are not alone. That's hilarious.

Michael said...

Thank god kids our age were peaking in cuteness for the late 80s, cause dayum... that could've been bad.

Well played Meglet, well played.

VC said...

Francesca--the exact same thing happened to me! My grandma got me the Molly doll because she had glasses and I wore glasses, so obvi I would want Molly. But no! I wanted Samantha so badly! It still bothers me to this day.

Anonymous said...

I had Samantha. Haha. Nerd Alert.

Mrs. P said...

♥ the AG shout-out! I too have the trading cards in the binder, the doll, the real-size pj's and a picture of me matching my Samantha doll at an official AG fashion show. Oh and I was 13. and didn't have a lot of friends. except Samantha. She was a good listener.

Mrs. P said...

@ Francesca: haha! My oldest Cousin got Kirsten, I got Samantha, and my little cousin got... Molly. She was pissed too. I always made fun of her and told her doll to go hang out in her Victory Garden or help Nelly clean because me and my Swede friend had fancier things to do. Like wear gators and sit at a wicker table.

Meghan with an H said...

Mrs. B-- that is HILARIOUS. "go hang out in her victory garden." LOL!

i ABSOLUTELY got josefina when she was a brand new addition. i thought she was so cool and exotic but the outfit she came wearing wasn't that fancy! i did have most of the original girls' books though. i thought they were awesome as a kid and looking back now, i totally appreciate how they tried to get young girls interested in history (and in josefina's case, a new language!) i never got to buy other outfits, though, too expensive. did anyone ever go to the American Girl Place? Fun fact: you can give your doll a facial there.

Shannon said...

There's a lot of Molly hating going on! I had her and loved her so obviously I'm feeling very defensive.

Anonymous said...

I definitely asked for Samantha for around 3 or 4 birthdays in a row- I also suggested that she be a birthday/hanukkah present to up the ante. I never got an AG doll but I did get all the full six-book sets of every single doll that was out then(Costco purchases perhaps?). And I may or may not still read them when I'm in my old room at my parent's house.

Paige said...

I have a hefty collection of those American Girl trading cards, myself. I specifically remember the sketchy Felicity one, but it didn't seem quite so molesty when I was 8. I guess that's for the best

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