Behave DC...


Alright, look DC. I've always had your back. When people in New York were all "You're moving back to DC? Out of choice?" I was quick with, "DC is great! There's a great music and art scene! And most of the people are cool as shit!" I even defended your honor from the evil blog why I hate DC. Yea, I risked a blog war for you damnit!

And then this jack a* walks into the bar:

I can feel all of the anti-DCers looking at me Danny Tanner style with their arms folded and that "You'll have lots of time to think about what you did young lady--when you're grounded!" look in their eyes.

And how am I supposed to defend this guy? He looks like the resulting offspring if a golf-caddy and your office's IT guy lost their virginity to each other. So now I'm left akwardly shifting my eyes from side-to-side all, "Well, shit. Maybe he's from out of town?"
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