I. Am. Livid.

In addition to irritating the hell out of me as explained in the post below, the god damn Seal playing, lisp slurring, wife beater promoting, bald headed, beer not recommending bartender from Axis gave me the wrong credit card Saturday night. Jordan A Nelms: I have your Redskins Bank of America card and you have mine. Go Skins.

Oh good. I didn't really need access to my money right before Christmas anyway.
And it wasn't too embarrassing when "STOLEN" came up on the register when I tried to pick up a prescription at CVS with said card. Because only a winner buys birth control with a stolen credit card. I'm glad people got to see that.

A big congratulations to Axis Bar & Grill in Washington, DC. You are 2b1b's first BOYCOTTED bar.


Anonymous said...

ahhhhhhh im so sorry that happened!!!

2b1b: The sardonic voice of 20-somethings everywhere, Monday through Friday. said...

thanks man! i've cooled down. you know how you shouldn't drive when you're angry? maybe i shouldn't blog when i'm angry...i'm overreacting all over the place. tis not in the holiday spirit!

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