The War on Social Terrorism: YOU STARTED IT!

People never cease to bewilder, shock and amaze me. I don't know why I'm wasting my time with this "graphic design" crap because I think anthropology is my true calling. I could sit in my bed, curled up in the fetal position, rocking ever-so-gently, making "pfffwhhaaaaa?!" faces all day long trying to figure out why people do the socially retarded, super retarded, what's a term I won't get sued again for using? unacceptable things that they do.

Before I die, I'm going to publish an anthology of my experiences with these characters who routinely ruin my day and boggle my mind called Interesting Decisions and the People Who Make Them. This weekend provided me with material to add yet another chapter:

Chapter 7362349: People who invoke the "YOU STARTED IT!" Principle.

It all started at Axis bar on U street Saturday night, where I was ready to give my liver another round of good old fashioned hazing in honor of Jodi's birthday. I should have known something was up the minute I talked to the bartender. The bartender (a dead ringer for Harry from Sex and the City who was playing Seal on his ipod,) came over and asked, "Thup? What can I get you ladeeth to drink?" TEE hee HEE heeee, he had a lisp! I don't know if I've made this clear or not, but what babies are to normal people, lisps are to me. I think they're effing adorable. Like kittens and puppies and rainbows and sunshine.

In an effort to hear the bartender talk his silly talk some more, I asked him what beer he recommended. He all but rolled his eyes and exasperatingly handed me a menu. Thinking maybe he hadn't heard me, I asked him again what he recommended. "There'th a menu," he deadpanned. O...K...now I've only been a bartender for all of 12 hours, but I'm pretty sure when someone asks you what beer you recommend, you recommend a beer. Any beer. Just say the name of a beer. I didn't ask because I'm wildly fascinated by what beer you like guy, I asked because I'm lazy and all I want for Christmas is to hear you say "Tham Adamth ith pretty thweet."

I pushed this little mishap out of my mind and continued with my good time. An hour or so later, I was a few cocktails deep and had a nice buzz going. In honor of my new job and feeling a little sassy, I snuck behind the bar and posed for a picture with a bottle of vodka and a beer pitcher. Just as the flash was going off, I got bitch-slapped in the face with seltzer water. Looking down at my now wet shirt and wiping my hair back, I looked to see who had given me this lovely little hose down. I looked up at the culprit and was met with the stony, upper-middle-class, dockers wearing, black eyes of a White Cap. A random White Cap shot me with seltzer water.
(Dramatic Double Dare Re-enactment)

Now, that alone not enough to send me into full What's The Matter With Society? mode. Don't worry, I'm not that snarky. I have a sense of humor and understand that rowdy things happen when people are drunk. Ergo, I decided to give the White Cap a chance to LOLZ it off and make it right with me. Because...you know...you don't just go around spraying random people in the face with water and then not say word one to them when they're attempting to dry themselves off with cocktail napkins while looking at you like "what the fuck was that for, guy?" ...Right?

"Hey. So you just sprayed me with water there a second ago. You should probably buy me a drink to make it right," I said in a light-hearted and friendly tone as I wiped mascara from under my eyes.

"No. I'm good, actually," the White Cap said back to me with the same tone and look in his eye that one might give a hunchback after they ask you if you want a rim job.

WOAH, WOAH, WOAH, White Cap! Now I'm not asking you to buy me a drink because I want to go to the prom with you or go steady and wear your varsity Letterman jacket, you jackass. I'm asking you to buy me a drink so I don't punch you in the nuts for dousing me with water. I realize you don't know me, but here's an intro: I'm a house cat. I sleep a lot, am fascinated by balls of twine and hate getting wet (that's what she said.)

This is where my inner rage started to boil. What the fuck was this guy thinking?! Of all the interesting decisions to make, why would he act like such a little douche bag and not only spray me with water (which is slightly Three Stooges of him and kind of just a lame move on it's own) and then refuse to buy me a drink or even offer the slightest little piff of an apology?

It was at this point that I was feeling like a rejected, washed up, sad sea hag when my family motto came echoing into my mind: "Don't fuck with a McBlogger!" I could hear my forefathers cry out. And you're damn right. Don't fuck with a McBlogger. It's not an interesting decision, it's just an all-around horrible one.

I figured this White Cap needed to be taken down a peg or too, and I would be more than willing to do it for him. But I didn't want to do it just for myself; I wanted to do it for society as a whole. White Caps need to learn that you can't go around acting like a flaming douche bag to everyone you meet and not suffer the repercussions. I can't just declare a War on Social Terrorism and be too scared to drop a few bombs. What kind of leader would I be?

I slyly wrapped my hand around the beer in front of me and slowly slid it towards the White Cap, ready to knock it into his lap in an effort to make it look like he had pissed himself. However, White Cap whapped my hand away, grabbed the beer and turned his back to me. OH. HELL. NAW.

Having lost my drink when I went down with the seltzer Titanic, I looked around for a liquid to shower this douche bag with, to no avail. That's when I turned around to see the cocktail waitress' busing station and a little light bulb went off above my head. If beer was out, then Tabasco sauce was in. I unscrewed the top and acted like that White Cap's back was the juiciest steak in town and doused him in Tabasco. As she had been watching this all go down, I tossed the Tabasco to Anna so she could get in on the fun. (PS: I wold like to take this time to publicly apologize to Jilllian who sadly got in the Tabasco crossfire and deserved none of it. I am so sorry for that civilian casualty!) Feeling like maybe he wasn't spiced up well enough, I got greedy and unscrewed the lid of a pepper shaker and tossed it to Anna, who promptly spilled it down Dr. Douchebag's polo shirt. Whenever Anna and I are getting away with one of our pranks, we inevitably get caught. And that is exactly what happened.

The White Cap realized what was up and took off his jacket to discover the spicy Jackson Pollack I had created on the back of his pea coat. I gave him a look that said "eesh, that sucks" and took out my iphone ready to text what had just happened to Talia across the bar. The White Cap turned red with anger, grabbed my wrist and shoved me back with not exactly Ike Turner force, but enough to be completely uncool.

My jaw hit the floor and I began to have a little conversation with myself:
"Holy shit. That asshole just pushed you!"
"I know, right?! Punch that asshole in the mouth!"
"No, no, no! Do not punch him! To be fair, you were acting like a total cunt face and he's rightfully mad."
"But dude, pushing a girl?!"
"Yea. Good point. OK punch him."
"Seriously? Do I even know how to punch someone?"
"You took kickboxing. Upper-cut, jab, jab, upper-cut and then grapevine your way outta there!"

Unfortunately by the time I talked myself into punching him, he had already turned around and was cleaning Tabasco sauce off of his jacket and the moment had passed, so I looked over at Anna to see if she saw what had just gone down. And indeed she had. In the grand tradition of getting in a physical fight for the sake of having for your drunk best friend's back at Christmas time (what an oddly specific tradition...) she went to grab the White Cap's beer to throw in his face. Unfortunately this enraged the beast even more and he stopped her mid grab and proceeded to full body, two hands on chest style, full force shove all 100 lbs of Anna off of him. Now, I realize that it probably was a dick move on my part to douse this kid in a delicious pepper sauce, but hitting a girl is about as cool as a pair of denim shorts. Anna went to shove him back and it was clear this guy was about to deck her in the face so I jumped in to separate them and it turned into a bona fide scramble before out of nowhere Meredith, or as I now refer to her, the Beast from the Northeast, stepped in and threw her full beer square in the face of the White Cap like a fuckin' champ. It was brilliant. Then the shit really hit the fan and old Lispy McLisperson had to grab the White Cap to keep him from pummeling three girls to the ground.

A few minutes later, the bartender came back and said, "Alright look you guyth, now I kicked him out, but to be fair, he did have a fair amount of condimenth on him stho the next time I catch you guyth thpilling thtuff all over people, I'm kicking you guyth out too! Alright?!" What?! HE STARTED IT!

And to the White Cap: YOU STARTED IT, YOU BIG CRY BABY! This boggles my mind and makes me feel like I'm five years old again. You wouldn't have gotten sprayed with Tabasco if you hadn't sprayed me in the first place! Take a physics class! Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. You spray me with water and I'll spray you with Tabasco. Sure mine is slightly worse, but as my favorite comedian Keith Malley once said, "You start it with a BB gun, I'll end it with a tank." Sorry man, If you didn't want to get sprayed with Tabasco, you probably shouldn't have sprayed me with water with no apologies. I don't go around blowing on dead dandelions and then beat the shit out of them when the seeds blow away in the wind. CAUSE AND EFFECT. And when you go shoving girls around like they're rag dolls, you have no excuse for your behavior because YOU STARTED IT! Did you expect me to just stand there and let you be a dick to me? LOLZ! I think not. I'm sure that's what you're used to because girls rarely stand up to White Caps (because frankly they're kind of scary and intimidating) but as General in the War on Social Terrorism, I'm willing to take a few hits for the team. And so is Anna apparently. And Jillian. And Meredith. Purple Hearts for us all!

Sigh...interesting decisions. Interesting decisions all around.


Anonymous said...

WOW. you ladies deserve medals, on behalf of all the fun girls that ended up in the wrong part of georgetown, only to realize they are surrounded by Douchebag white caps. Im impressed and humbled....
well done ladies...well done...I tip my 40 to you.
PS- MEG- I cannot WAIT to hear you tell this story live, i expect full reenactments.

SayHey Kid said...

I’m wondering if this guy was wearing a pink popped collar polo shit and sported a flesh toned beard.

Needless to say, well done ladies for standing your ground, taking no shit, and ruining this cock stains evening.

Anonymous said...

YES. I have been waiting all weekend for this posting. And btw--this guy has a long history of being douchey. Cerca three hours before we got into our "incident," Keenan pointed out the guy to me...and said "I HATE that guy. He threw a football at my face when I was a freshman."

It all comes full circle ladies.

Anonymous said...

PS- YOU GOT A JOB???????????

2b1b: The sardonic voice of 20-somethings everywhere, Monday through Friday. said...

Wow, it never occurred to me that it was a private party and he probably knew a friend of a friend or something...eeshh...thank God he wasn't the most popular boy there. who throws a football at someone's face? who sprays water at someone? WHO DOES THESE THINGS?!

Interesting decisions.

2b1b: The sardonic voice of 20-somethings everywhere, Monday through Friday. said...

And yes! Screw working for a design studio and actually utilizing my "talent" and education...I'm a full-time bartender! W00t!

Anonymous said...

AHAHAHAHAH THIS WAS A PRIVATE PARTY!?! That makes it even better.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I wish I had been there just so I could tell this awesome story. Damn your internal monologue for delaying a clean uppercut to douche bags face!

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