So, DC is suddenly cool.
"Washington is suddenly hip again, infused with the heady double-barreled combination of a new crowd of idealistic young political worker bees, who actually believe they can change the world, and the arrival of America's first black president. It's even cool to wave the Stars and Stripes. And in the honeymoon months of the Barack Obama presidency, before the country's marriage to its new president undergoes the usual souring, a trip to the nation's capital is just the ticket."
That and our bars are open 24-hours! And serve booze until 5 am! DC knows how to get this party started, right? DC knows how to get this party started quickly, right?

Wrong. I hate to be a traitor to my beloved city, but I can't help but feel like DC is William in Can't Hardly Wait:

It spends it's life being a giant loser and then for one magical evening proves it can party like a porn star.

Let us not be fooled by our momentary surge in popularity, oh wise District residents. After inauguration, our bars will go back to closing at 2 am, the metro will return to it's normal hours and DC will try to hang with Mike Dexter at breakfast and get called a four-eyed Poindexter freak. And the phrase "Urkel" might get thrown around. A lot.

Until then, take me to down to the Paradise City!


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sad and true

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