Drinking Game Friday!

Ahh, TGIDGF gang, TGIDF.

I've really wanted to write an SLC Punk! drinking game ever since Ashleigh suggested it a few weeks ago. However, anarchist punks in conservative Mormon society are shockingly not relevant to my life, world news or pop culture in any way whatsoever.

...Or so I thought. Follow my logic:
This week Barack Obama became the 44th president of the United States -> Senator Ted Kennedy collapsed at his Inaugural luncheon -> Ted Kennedy's neice is Maria Shriver -> Maria Shriver is married to Arnold Schwarzenegger -> Arnold Schwarzenegger was in Twins with Danny Devito -> Danny Devito was in Reno 911!: Miami with Paul Rudd -> Paul Rudd was in Anchor Man with Vince Vaughn -> Vince Vaughn was in Wedding Crashers with Isla Fisher -> Isla Fisher was in Scooby Doo with Matthew Lillard, and Matthew Lillard is the star of this week's drinking game: The SLC Punk! Drinking Game!
See? Completely relevant.

Drink When:
- There's a flashback
- There's a tripping scene
- Stevo analyzes punk culture in an aside to the camera
- Stevo classifies what social group a person belongs to
- Stevo says "tribe"
- Someone says "poser"
- There's a fight
- There's a sex scene
- Mark brags about all of the cool, expensive stuff he has
- Sean's acid soaks through his pants as he runs through the sprinklers
- Stevo and/or Heroin Bob cries
- Trish is shown in a new wig
- Stevo's dad tries to pressure him into law school
- Heroin Bob punches something inanimate
- Someone dies.

Hmm...that was a grim note to end on during such a celebratory week. How about this:

- Stevo and the gang spend a weekend at Spooky Island where they investigate why the mysterious theme park seems to be affecting visitors in such a sinister way. Zoinks!

Thanks for reading gang and have a swell weekend. I dare you to recomend the blog to a friend. I DARE you.



Unknown said...

NNONONONONONONICE 6 slash 100 degrees of separation!!!!! good luck on your second day of work!!!

oxoox your wifey!

Unknown said...

that was talia on jaikes comp :)

Julia said...

I used to play the same kind of drinking game with Jem & the Holograms. You drink when there is a music video, when someone says outrageous, any time synergy makes an appearance, or when the misfits do something mean.

So good.

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