Drinking Game Friday! "Error Load PC Letter? What the fuck does that mean?"

I know it isn’t 2001 and this isn’t my emo LiveJournal, but before I get into the rules of this week’s drinking game, I have to make this morning's exchange with my dad public so you can all feel my pain and understand how totally traumatic and unfair my life is, GAWD!
Dad: “Hey, you’re wearing yet another great outfit this morning! You look poised, professional, well put-together and very attractive. Great job!”
“Umm…While I appreciate the compliments, I’m sort of offended that every morning for the past week when I come down to go to work, you’re genuinely shocked that I can make myself look presentable.”
Dad: “I’m sorry, but it is sort of surprising. It’s just that I associate you with being slumped over on the couch wearing Jack Daniel’s pajamas. But, you clean up really well!”

...Well if wearing those pants around my house like a second skin is so wrong, then why did Kohl's sell them to me at such a reasonable price?! NO ONE UNDERSTANDS! Now I’m going to wear lots of black eyeliner, listen to my 30 Seconds to Mars mix CD and brood while playing the Friday in the Office Drinking Game!
Wondering how it’s possible to play this at the office? Well, it’s Take Your Daughter to Work Day. And my daughter is vodka. Now go get Mommy some OJ.

Take One Sip:

- When someone asks if you have any big plans for the weekend
- When someone says “TGIF!” or a variation of
- For every minute you’re late in the morning

- For every minute you extend your lunch break

- For every minute you duck out early

- For every co-worker out of the office today (if you work in a big company, you’re welcome)

- Every time someone tells you about their weekend, unsolicited
- Someone complains about how long this week seemed
- Someone mentions Happy Hour
- A complaint is made about how long today is

- Every time someone says “Have a great weekend”

Have a great weekend!


Becca said...

Oh Dad.

Thundering p*ssy ass balls!

Unknown said...

i'd like to say that i give myself a 10 for my outfit and a 3 for being able to arrive at work on time. esp on a friday. i'm about 8 beers deep just for my arrival performance. HIYO! well done, i laughed out loud, now i have to poop. see you on the g!

Talia said...

oh rvr, same as ema and abba.. every time I go to an interview, in hopes of ending my 5 month long unemployment phase they act like im am going to apply to America's next top model.. they take pics of me posing in front of the fireplace, i mean i love being the featured film on their cam, but c'mon, after about 7 interviews in the past month.. isn't it getting it bit old.. i might just play this drinking game by myself in my own office, aka at home w/ a bloody marry checking g-mail.. hiyoooo

Unknown said...

i think im about 4 vodka's in....since i was 30 minutes late- just for the hell of it- fuck it the today show was very good this morning- fairly large company and nooooo--one is here today, took about a 2 hour lunch and had two beers- so yes, great start to my drinking game- great start to my weekend! one day you and i meg will get to have a friday drinking game! xoxo

2b1b: The sardonic voice of 20-somethings everywhere, Monday through Friday. said...

1: i like that you censored the word pu$$y.
2. i can't be on time to work no matter how hard i try or how early i come in. i was 30 minutes early this morning but zoned out when i was about to park, missed the street i was supposed to turn on and ended up on the key bridge and was 15 late to work. i don't want to talk about it.
3. justine...cockafeller. 'nuff said.

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Shoplectic said...

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KentSilvester said...

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ZayleeWilliam said...

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