From Sunday's washingtonpost.com:

...What does it say about me that my immediate reaction after reading this headline was: "MEXICO IS SMUGGLING GOLDSCHLÄGER?!"


Anonymous said...

Uh, good thing my first reaction was, "OMG my current desktop wallpaper was found via a search for 'liquid gold'". Reason # 19842 why I'm meant to be Mexican. Reason # 1 - 10 = Chipotle menu items.

Unknown said...

Oh noes! Not the return of Blue Meg! Also, mmm... Goldschlager...

Margo said...

Please GOD tell me this isn't the only post today- I'm SO bored at work!

Brittany said...

This is probably a sign from God that I should start filing what should have been filed on Friday.

Anonymous said...

After 2 long days without you and this is all we get? Balls.

Melody said...

That was my first thought too...

2b1b: The sardonic voice of 20-somethings everywhere, Monday through Friday. said...

Personal shit. Sorry dude.

Kallay said...

did someone say chipotle? god i haven't had that in forever...

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