A quick thank you (& happy birthday Becca!) (& happy belated birthday Helena!)

Hi. You have a more substantial Tulane Chris post coming your way later this morning, don't worry. I just wanted to hop on and say a quick thank you to Lara.

My finances have been understandably tight since getting fired, but in the past few months, shit's gone from "touch-and-go" to "considering moving back in with my parents". I haven't really discussed how bad things are with anyone (including my parents) because money is awkward, but just to give you an idea of what things are currently like, I'll let you in on two things:

1.) I swear to god, I just applied to be a Ghosts of Georgetown tour guide. A job which requires period costume. (Although for 100 bucks a pop plus tips, I'll gladly segway around Georgetown in a hoop skirt and a sombrero and be honored to do it.)

2.) Earlier tonight I couldn't figure out how to wrap my sister's oddly shaped birthday present and the double-sided tape wouldn't work because it's too humid, so I burst into tears. That's how I dealt with that situation. By crying and crying and crying. And we're not talking like a few errant tears here and there either; I'm talkin' like openly weeping on the floor in a sea of wrapping paper and dirty laundry. There was a surprising amount of rolling around involved too, which in retrospect was probably a poor decision considering I had a pair of scissors floating around...

The unexpected death of my computer a few weeks ago really put me in a horrible position. (It turns out that blogging without a computer is kind of hard. LOLZ! HOW KNEW?!) But that's where Lara swooped in and saved the day. Lara's leaving DC in a few weeks to go to grad school at Parsons (also the reason why I've been saying up late at night listening to The Cure and cutting recently) so she got a new computer and sold me her old one with CS3 tonight for super cheaps. Although I spent literally every single treehouse dollar that the merch store made buying it (must.....not.........explode.............), I know she could have sold it for considerably more on Craigslist or ebay, but didn't because we're homegirls and she wanted to help me out. Also, she came home early from a bar on Friday night to re-format the merch files I lost on my computer. I mean, Christ. Talk about above and beyond. I guess this means I have to officially forgive her for getting drunk and hitting on my dad. Ugh. Fine. I forgive you Lara. You're welcome.

So snaps to Lara for essentially saving the blog. I would have been pretty darn fucked if I had to buy a new computer, you guys, let's not lie. Plus, lord knows Lara is a fellow struggling artist slash grad student (a whole other level of poor I wouldn't dream of exploring) so I appreciate her bowing out of some money just to help a friend out.

In conclusion: I will suck your dick for ten-dollars and Lara is my hero.



Unknown said...

while it won't help you with your finances, reading this should at least put a smile on your face: http://existenz.se/out.php?id=25228

Funniest thing I've read since...well 2b1b psshaaa.

Kori said...

Please tell me where one applies to become a Ghost Tour leader in Gtown. It's pretty much my life's ambition. No, I'm not being sarcastic. Aim low, that's my motto.

Anonymous said...

give me my tshirt already!! It has been WEEKS. I too am broke but would love to wear the tshirt

Anonymous said...

awww its friends like lara that literally help you make it through the day. :) yay for lara, thanks for saving the blog!

Abbie said...

Dude, Anonymous, chill out. Did you not just hear her say her computer exploded and she JUST got the store files back? I realize you're broke and you just want what you paid for, but give Meg a break.

If you're so out of money you don't have other shirts to wear, or change for laundry, please give me your address so I can write "2birds1blog" on a $2 shirt from Target with a sharpie to tide you over.

NotablyNeurotic said...

Thank you, Lara! I don't know what we'd do without this blog. We'd probably go read something else, but still ...

Good friends rocks!

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon, we paid for the merchandise weeks ago, and still don't have it. It's not a matter of not having other shirts to wear, or being out $20, but when you pay for something you expect something in return. Meg took the money we spend on her awesome merchandise and purchased a computer. How is it fair that she can use OUR money when she hasn't even given us what we paid for in return?

Kirsten said...

"My finances have been understandably tight" when I was reading it, I accidently skipped the first "N". Very different sentence, lol. Prosperity blessings to you. :)

Anonymous said...

Seriously, Anonymous, you're not dealing with fucking Amazon here- this is a 1 woman operation. Spare us your righteous bullshit about how she shouldn't spend the money before we receive our merchandise. She needed the computer in order to move forward with the orders- SEE HOW THAT WORKS? No computer= no t-shirt for you.

I love you Meg, and I will patiently wait for my sorr about the bag.

Nicole said...

I hate anonymous commenters. You're hiding something and I don't like it.

PS: I'd like a Target shirt with 2b1b on it in Sharpie!! Just sayin.

Not Meg's Sister Becca said...

These bitchy Anonymouses have motivated me to purchase* a 2b1b t-shirt just for the privilege of NOT BEING A TOTAL ASSHOLE WHEN I DON'T IMMEDIATELY RECEIVE IT.

* When I get paid tomorrow. Meg, keep an eye out for my order.

Travis said...


I will buy a shirt* also!!!

*this Friday when I get paid

Anonymous said...

I totally went on one of those Georgetown ghost tours once! You'll get to carry a lantern!

Kelley said...

Meg, is there any way that you can change "anonymous" to "Kevin Yang" any time someone leaves an anon comment?

a) that would be hysterical
b) I'm pretty sure that 68% of anonymous posts are Kevin Yang or his BF anyway
c) it's like the scarlet letter for anonymous posters

If this isn't possible, then the rest of us can just *think* "Kevin Yang" any time that damn "anonymous" pops up.

ryan said...

I have seven bucks and half a package of Mike & Ike. What will that get me?

Anonymous said...

A quick thank you for the shitty post.

P. Walter Thomas III said...

I've got $10..

2b1b: The sardonic voice of 20-somethings everywhere, Monday through Friday. said...

I agree with anon, we paid for the merchandise weeks ago, and still don't have it. It's not a matter of not having other shirts to wear, or being out $20, but when you pay for something you expect something in return. Meg took the money we spend on her awesome merchandise and purchased a computer. How is it fair that she can use OUR money when she hasn't even given us what we paid for in return?

I know, I'm so sorry. My computer breaking set everything back in a horrible kind of way. All of the files are in and everything's paid for. We're just waiting for customink to send our orders to us. Everyone will be getting extra stickers for their patience. I'm really sorry dude. Honestly.

- Meg

J said...

Meg, I can relate so much to this post it's scary. Minus the whole having an awesome blog/needing a computer for said blog and the bitchy fucking comment's from assholes. Other than that...sigh. Paralleled hysterics.

Anonymous said...

i thought that the merch was supposed to arrive to you while you were on vacation? wouldn't that mean everything was ordered and set?

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Meg. We love this blog - and by extension - you (and may even Tulane Chris, a little).

For all those upset about their missing merch - here are some suggestions:
a) suck it.
b) keep sucking it.
c) go roll around in a vat of icing while screaming "Kevin Yang out the Ying-Yang!!"

Love ya meg.

Caitlin said...

I think everyone bitching about not getting their merch needs to go pull the sticks out of their asses and learn how to feel.

Like someone else said, you didn't buy this shit from Amazon, you bought it from AN person. Smaller than any small company out there. Her fucking computer broke. If my computer broke, I would probably give up on my life. The fact that she's still writing and working hard on getting the merch out is a testament to how much she cares about the blog. She could've said fuck it, given everyone's money back, and quit the blog, instead of sitting here listening to people bitching.

Learn some god damn patience. I didn't buy anything other than stickers, but when I get around to buying a Sorr About the Bag bag, even if I have to wait half a year for it, I'll still be happy to have it.

Anonymous said...

Haha I caught the Now & Then reference to treehouse dollars. And I giggled.

Anonymous said...

What about the anonymous commenters who say nice things and are just too lazy to type in usernames? Spare us!

Bridget said...

No worries Meg- I Understand about your mishap and will happily wait until you get your stuff together. I think of purchasing a tshirt as supporting the starving artist who slaves over this blog.

Brandi said...

Ha, I love how people are bitching about not having received their orders/Meg's computer dying/etc. Did you ever stop to think that maybe she needed the correct files to make sure everybody got the right order? Of course not, because that might actually make sense.

Lex said...

Soooooo... I am a ghost tour guide in DC. No really. This? The girl? This is me.

Yep, I wear a period costume and yep I wander around Lafayette Square for laughs, but dizzamn it's fairly good money for two hours of effort.

So, it's a fairly good gig if you can get it. And people are generally so impressed with the fact that you're a *Ghost Tour Guide* that it really mitigates the shame. Smiley face!

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