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Per 2b1b regular reader @lizbaar's tweet today:

dear @2birds1blog, no-post-tuesday hurts just as much as no-post-monday. what's up? will you be there [today]?

Yesterday was actually Tulane Chris' day to post, but he's been going through some stuff so it never happened. I'm tempted to be like, "SO DIRECT ALL OF YOUR HOSTILITY HIS WAY BECAUSE I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT AND HE'S LIKE A DEADBEAT DAD WHO FORGOT TO PICK UP HIS KID ON HIS WEEKEND AND NOW I HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE ANGSTY LITTLE BRAT HE LEFT BEHIND AND WHY DID I EVER LET YOU KNOCK ME UP IN THE BATHROOM OF THAT SIZZLER?!" but, no. He's in a way. He has emotions. And frankly, it's kind of refreshing not to be the only one around here who can't find time in their busy schedule of long, rain-soaked walks, soul searching and listening to The Carpenters' Close to You on repeat to post anything, but still. We love Chris and hope things turn around for him.

And for the latter half of E. Baar's question, yes, a substantial post will be up later today. It involves something heinously embarrassing that happened to me at work the other day. Becauseshock!something embarrassing happened to me at work the other day. It would have been up this morning, but I had some business to take care of. And that business benefits you, so pipe down.

Hang tight!


Jen said...

you should just tell everyone to fuck off. seriously. stop coddling them.

i love your face

Anonymous said...

Hahaha holy shit, called OUT

Anonymous said...

stupid question but... why are there 3 birds on the merch logos when it's a 2bird blog?

Katie said...

Things could be worse...you could be listening to Danielle Staub's "Real Close".

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jennifer. We are lucky because we have you to cheer us up, but who cheers you guys up? Take the time you need. Love you guys!!

Nicole said...

I've become accustomed to the No-Post-___days so that when there is a substantial post I get really happy and excited to read it. Thanks for writing Meg & Chris!

Meredith said...

True or False, Meg: You chose the Carpenter's "Close to You" because you secretly hope to have a love like Homer and Marge Simpson. Nothing to be ashamed of, because I do, too.

And I second Nicole's comment.

LL said...

I too have learned how to enjoy No-Post days - reading older 2b1b entries. No better solution than to re-read Meg's Top 5 All Time Grudges!!

Anonymous said...

I think you should just not post anything today to give all the haters a big ol' middle finger! It won't ruin my day because I'm not pathetic.

And it's 3 birds because it's a reflection of the DC flag, which has 3 stars.

cassie said...

No-post days make me sad, too. (Others: sad does not equal angry or vindictive or indignant.) We all know that your mid-20s are filled with "those days" and "stuff". Reading the archives is an excellent way to get your fill on no-post days!

I also don't know why there are 3 birds on the merch logo...

Anonymous said...

hope TC feels better!

Unknown said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! I never comment on the posts but I just had to laugh on this one. You go girl.

Sarah said...

This is so delayed and unrelated, but I had to tell you that I got my Sorr About the Bag tote last week and almost peed myself with excitement. Not so much for the bag, though that was exciting, but mostly for the handwritten note from Meg. I'm considering framing it... Is that wrong?

Jen said...

that is all kinds of right.
do it.

Anonymous said...


About as wrong as framing a "sorr about the bag" telegraph. Which is to say, not wrong at all.

Anonymous said...

Not related to this post, but...
I was trying to explain to my partner how bad I wanted a "Sorr about the bag" bag, and in order to do so, I decided he needed to read the old posts about it. While I found the original story easily (linked in the all-time favorite posts section), the better post about you finally getting over it (I HAVE BIG NEWS) was more difficult to find. So, you should link that on the side too, considering references to the sorr about the bag story make up a substantial portion of this blog. Just a thought....

Love you guys!!!!

Karly said...

I agree! Sorr bout the bag needs to be a favorited post on the side. Along with the epic post from the day you got fired. (Sorr bout that).

Anonymous said...

i am simultaneously really proud and really jealous of lizbaar for getting a shout-out.

Anonymous said...

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