Hi guys! Can you do us a grand old favor and go here and vote for 2birds1blog as WTOP's best local blog? We'd highly appreciate it. Especially since we're losing. In a sort of embarrassing kind of way. And as today's post proves, life is embarrassing enough without having to publicly lose a local blog competition. (And now that I've said that, not only will we lose, but my pants will fall down and someone will ask when the baby's due. Sigh...).



jen toppe said...

voted! and todays post was hilarious! and i got the sorr about the bag bag and i think im gonna use it as my beach bag and i can't wait!

LaceyLuLu said...

Who in god's name reads the Fairfax Underground?

LaceyLuLu said...

Also posted it on @BiergartenDC Twitter page. Hope it helps!

PS: Does the leading on the most recent Tweets on a page bother anyone else?

Jessica Ellis said...

At least Prince of Petworth is losing WORSE. Jussayin'.

Meredith said...

LaceyLuLu -- Though I, of course, voted 2b1b (I'm the one who originally posted about it the other day, after all), Fairfax Underground is awesome for one reason and one reason only: the ability to look up the criminal offenses of your neighbors. Yes, this can be done on the VA Court Website, but this is so much easier.

But still vote 2B1B!

Sam said...

VOTED! and also if you one day own a pug, I hope you train it to do tricks like this: http://www.dlisted.com/node/38116

Lex said...

How is it even possible that Fairfax's blog has 71% of the vote. HOW??

Anonymous said...

Who the F reads Fairfax Underground. Seriously.

Lacey said...
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Lacey said...

Meredith: Though that is a kind of awesome comment 1) it's based in VA and I just do not associate good things outside of the beltway and 2) I live in SE DC; I just assume everyone has a criminal record and ::shrug:: ok.

Anonymous said...

To echo others' comments, WTF is Fairfax Underground???

Also, I tried stuffing the box (tee hee) and I think it negated my initial vote, so don't do that.

Laurie said...

Random motivational poster featuring pugs


Light said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
illwisherinattic said...

Meg, if you're looking for money, fame, and doing nothing but eating, sleeping and blogging, you should apply for 'month in a museum' http://www.msichicago.org/matm/.

Meredith said...

Hey guys! If you haven't voted, make sure to do it! WTOP disqualified Fairfax Underground for vote-rigging, so make sure to not over-vote (you can probably do it twice, but don't get Meg and TC disqualified!) They wiped the slate clean and now 2b1b is winning! Make it happen!

(Why do I care so much about this, btw? Because I listen to WTOP religiously and read 2b1b every day and a combination of the two things would make my head explode with joy.)

toppe said...

oh my god i can't believe they were disqualififed! i was so confused how it was possible they had so many freakin votes. especially after i looked at the blog. i voted for this one like 7 times. i guess i shouldnt vote anymore in case they do the same. thanks for the heads up!

pook555 said...

Voted! You guys deserve it, so I hope you win!!

Sarah Lindahl said...

Done and done

Jennifer said...

Sooooooo....did you know that if you add Kevin Yang to your cart, you literally have a balance of $1,000,000? What if some billionaire wanted a racist, drunk asian to feed him croissants through out the day and actually paid that? What would you do with a million bucks, Meg?
Beeeeesides buy a pug and more Silly Bandz...

Kay said...

Done! By the way, I'm not from the DC area (acutally not even from the country) so I have no idea what those other blogs are about anyways. 2b1b is the only one I read cuz you guys are hilarious! Hope you win, keep it up!

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