From the archives: The 2b1b 4th of July Drinking Game

July 2nd, 2009

Ah, Fourth of July weekend: drunk and full of patriotism. Show me someone who doesn't love Fourth of July weekend and I will show you a terrorist.

Early stages of Bronchitis be damned, I will be going to Philadelphia this weekend to visit Ex-Co-Blogger Eddie and Tulane Chris. And we are going to party—American style! We're going to run up the Philadelphia Museum of Art steps and Eddie is going to play the Rocky theme on the kazoo! And we're going to streak through empty UPenn dorm halls! And we're going to finger the Liberty Bell's crack because that's quite possibly the funniest thing I can think of! All things American. All things involving alcohol. All things I can't wait for.

Guess what else we'll be doing! We'll be playing this week's drinking game
The Fourth of July Drinking Game!

(That image doesn't really have anything to do with the Fourth of July per se, but I think I love it more than I love any living human being. So there it shall stay.)

Drink When:
- Somebody refers to the Fourth of July as "America's Birthday" or wishes America a happy birthday
- For every piece of shamelessly star-spangled clothing you see (drink twice if it's from Old Navy)
- For every hot dog you eat
- For every sparkler you light
- 9/11 is mentioned
- Uncle Rod has a 'Nam flashback at the fireworks show
- The Bill Pullman rally speech from Independence Day is quoted
- "Now that Obama is in office, I can finally say I'm proud to be an American" (or some variation of)
- Fireworks? Is that too easy? No. No, it's not.
- MINI FLAGSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

OK, now I'm going to tell a story about mini flags. That was a rough transition. I'm not going to lie, I've been drinking all night and just took a lot of cough medicine. I'm not really at the height of my game right now. Where was I? MINI FLAGS. Yes. So at school the day after 9/11, we were all gathered into the theater/multi-purpose room to watch a televised National Five Minutes of Silence. During the broadcast, they showed people at different locations across the country observing the five minutes of silence. At one point, they slowly panned in on this guy who had a mini flag shoved in the back of his shirt, resting on his left shoulder. The guy was all deep in thought, clearly having a meaningful moment, but then quickly jerked his head to the left and blatantly poked himself in the eye with the mini flag. It was one of those stupid things that's funny, but not that funny. But then I realized my friend Ali sitting next to me saw it and was trying not to laugh, which made it that much more funnier to me. So then I was trying not to laugh, which was making Ali have to laugh, which was making me have to laugh, and it was a big fucking mess. Because we knew that we could not laugh because sweet god, it was the National 9/11 Five Minutes of Silence. Which of course made it even harder not to laugh. And honestly, five minutes is a really fucking long time when you're bruising internal organs you're trying so hard not to laugh. We couldn't do it, you guys. We laughed. We laughed during the National 9/11 Five Minutes of Silence. It was so embarrassing. But we weren't laughing at 9/11, we were laughing at the A-fuck who poked himself in the eye with his mini flag on National TV. It was so shameful. Anyway, to this day when I see mini American flags, that's all I can think about.

OK, well I'm a horrible person and now you all know. I hope you guys have a great weekend though! Thank you so much for reading, telling your friends, facebooking, Twittering and all that jazz. Next week we'll have another Meghan McCain rant, the answer to what happened when my boss took me on a mysterious joyride and other such shenanigans, so check back Monday! Kthnxbye!


Mezz said...

I work in a radio station, and had to read the news during the Haiti disaster fundraising. I was trying to calmly and seriously talk about how our school was collecting donations, while my cohost was reaching around me trying to either tickle me or get to the dinger-bell we have in our booth. Whatever he was doing, he ended up making me start laughing while trying to talk about people losing their homes in Haiti. I feel your pain for the 9-11 story :(

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