Double your pleasure on Drinking Game Friday!

Happy Drinking Game Friday everyone! In addition to bringing you a random drinking game this Friday, I'm also bringing a bit of good news: the blog now has a second bird (holla back for the title actually making sense again!) It is with great joy that I introduce you to the Paris to my Nicole, the Jessica to my Ashlee, the Ashley to my Mary-Kate (or at least I think Ashley is the older, classy one and Mary-Kate is the younger, quirky one...either way, that pretty much spells out our dynamic)--my sister, Becca! Enjoy her first post after the drinking game.

In honor of Becca's inaugural blog, I decided today's drinking game should center around a movie that deals with the complicated and complex relationship between sisters (and the complicated and complex issue of illiterate hos). So grab a box of tissues, break out the baby pictures and cuddle up with your sis, it's time for the In Her Shoes Drinking Game.

(This is a really lame drinking game and I apologize. It's currently 1:30 in the morning and I'm still slightly drunk from a raucous night on Capitol Hill.)

Take One sip When:
- Someone says the word "sister"
- Someone says the phrase "my Marcia"
- Cameron Diaz has sex with someone
- Someone tells a lie
- An inappropriate old person sex joke is made
- They talk about Caroline, the dead mom

Take Two Sips When:
- Cameron Diaz tries to read something out loud and st-st-stutters her way through it
- Cameron Diaz has a job interview
- Toni Collette is referred to as being fat
- Toni Collette cries
- Rose and Maggie hug

Finish Your Drink When:
- A poem is read (but not stuttered)

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! See you Monday.


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