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From Tuesday's Washington Post Metro Section:

Boy Injures Eye With Skewer
A 10-year-old boy injured his eye at the Maryland Renaissance Festival in Crownsville on Sunday when he accidentally stuck himself with a skewer, Anne Arundel County fire officials said.

Lt. Frank Fennell, a county fire spokesman, said the boy, who was eating "steak on a stake," pulled the wooden skewer out of his mouth and stuck the skewer into his eye."
- Associated Press

When I first read this blurb I thought, "Wow. That is one impressively dumb kid." But then I realized, if my parents dragged me to the Maryland Ren Fest and I had to spend an entire day around nerd cleavage pouring out of corsets, and hundreds of fifth-level dragon masters/tech support guys in tights and codpieces, I would probably jab my eyes out with a skewer as well.

Well played my Lord, well played.



Anonymous said...

When I broke up with my high school BFF over her bizarre love of dressing up as an elf and running around in the woods, I didn't think I'd ever want to play Truth or Dare again. You restored my faith in humankind. Thanks for reminding me.


2b1b: The sardonic voice of 20-somethings everywhere, Monday through Friday. said...

Helena, if you ever need a slightly elitist, snarky, offensive and fun-spirited red head to save you from friendship with girls who wear t-shirts with wolves and fairies, It is my HONOR to scoop you up into my arms of friendship and ride off into the sunset in a Chrysler Sebring named Kevin G.


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