Happy Drinking Game Friday, lover!

Happy D.G.F. gang! Yes, Friday is upon us and it's time to drink once more. Some of us may need the alcohol more than others this weekend, it being Valentine's Day weekend and all.

For someone who gets themselves worked up into a bitter rage over the validity of the Snuggie and rolling briefcases, I don't get extra snarky for Valentine's Day. Whether I'm with someone or not, it honest to God doesn't bother me. I hate when people call it "Singles Awareness Day" and think they're cute and clever because honestly, I'm no more aware of being single than I am any other day. Just today my dad sends me flowers and I get a shit ton of free candy from my friends and co-workers. In that sense, I'd like to be aware of my singleness more often.

Plus, I can't handle the pressure of Valentine's Day when you're in a relationship. It's like New Year's Eve all over again; people repeatedly ask what your plans are and you better have a fun and romantic answer. But! With Valentine's Day, you're not just responsible for your own evening, you have some whole other schmo to worry about. Are they having a good time? Do they find this romantic? Is this good enough for them? Christ, I'm far too self-involved for that.

Who can forget last year's Valentine's debacle? Chris (of Recrap Tuesdays fame) and I were each other's Valentine's, but I didn't think we were actually going to exchange gifts or anything. So maaaaaan did I feel like an asshole when I got home from work and gorgeous big bouquet of flowers was waiting for me. I believe I said "BRB!!!!!", ran to the gas station across the street and got him a frosted glass candle that said "I love you!" in cheesy script, a frozen Digiorno pizza, a box of frozen T.G.I.Fridays hot wings, cookies and a val-pak of condoms. Because what says I love you more than frozen foods and protected sex?

I'm going to NYC this weekend to enjoy myself in a completely non-ironic, snark-free kind of way. And I hope you'll be doing the same, dear reader. Here's something to set the mood, a drinking game to what I think might be the world's most romantic movie. It's time for the Princess Bride Drinking Game!
Drink when:
- the following phrases are said:
- Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die
- True love
- As you wish
- Mawidge
- Humperdink
- Boo!
- Man in Black
- Anybody want a peanut?
- It cuts back to Ben Savage and Grandpa
- Andre the Giant's size is mentioned
- There's a sword fight
- Westley defeats a foe
- There's a happy ending...awwwwwwwwwwww!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend/Valentine's Day/President's Day. Oh and in the spirit of love, I'd love if you became a fan of 2b1b on Facebook! Free Digiorno pizza and condom for every fan!


Miss E said...

LOVE it - must try the drinking game!!

LyddieGal said...

I agree - single or not, any holiday that involves candy is a good one.

And the Princess Bride drinking game sounds awesome, especially since I already know every single line of that movie!

inordinately Average said...

awww sweet....

you're in NYC! I hope we cross paths and don't even know it....and I'm upset that they disabled your fbook account because I can't have those random convos anymore.

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