Drinking Game Friday: Halloween Edition!

Happy Drinking Game Friday and HAPPY HALLOWEEN BITCHEZZZZ! I'd love to stay and chit-chat about how my wily black-ass got out of The Business Trip or how terribly sorry I am for the Live-Tweet cocktease, but I'm still officially on my unofficial impromptu blog vacation. So don't mind me! I'm just sneaking in to give you this drinking game. Pretend like I'm not even here! In fact, this isn't even me writing this. This is being written by Schmeg. Schmeg McFlogger. She wears a size 32A bra, doesn't drink and loves a good brisk morning jog. And has an overall positive attitude towards life. And would never let Jack Daniel's sponsor her pants...Shwelp! Straighten your bunny ears, research the best bar crawl in town and put on your game face— it’s time for the Halloween Night Drinking Game!

Drink When You:
- See a Balloon Boy, Michael Jackson, Kate Gosselin, Octo-Mom or Lady Gaga costume
- See a political costume
- Have to explain your costume
- Have to ask someone to explain their costume
- Regret not wearing a jacket out because it would cover up the sexy even though it’s 40 degrees out
- Inevitably make-out with someone
- Initiate conversation aimed towards making out with someone with a slurred “IIuffyourcoshtumeeee!!!” (70% of the time, it works every time)
- See a group-themed costume
- See a “sexy______” costume
- eat candy
- puke
- See a sex offender sign in someone’s yard (actually drink thrice—one for you, one for him and one for the kid) (Too soon?) (Never.)

Hope you all have a fantastic Halloween weekend! We'll see you back here next week when I'll actually write and attempt be funny again. HAHAHAHAHALOLZ! What a novel idea. Make sure to take a shot of Jäger for me tomorrow and enjoy the debauchery! Laterz. <3


Kristina said...

We're all going to be blacked out in 3.2 minutes with this DGF...

I'm okay with it!

Tony B. said...

Too soon for a sex offender joke on Halloween? Not in the America I want to live in! Have a great Halloween!

Chrissy said...

My roommate and I are attending a party where adult women are going as a litter of "sexy cats." We are going to WASTED in about .03984 seconds. It's gonna be HILAR.

ashzilla said...

I love the sex offender joke too. If I were not stuck working for Halloween, I would sooooooo do this game and get hammered in NO time! Have a few extra drinks for me :)

Hayley said...

Sex Offender - now there's a Halloween costume idea

Caitlin said...

Drink when your Halloween work happy hour turns into happy night and you make out with someone from your office. Oops, was that last night?

Ashley said...

You had me drunk at "sexy _____".

Brian O'Mara-Croft said...

If I drank each time I did one of those things, my blood could be served as a beverage.

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