Gimme a D! D! (You got your D! You got your D!)
Gimme an R! R! (You got your R! You got your R!)
Gimme an I! I! (You got your I! You got your I!)
Gimme an N! N! (You got your N! You go your N!)

...Ok, fuck that. I'm just irritating myself at this point, so I'll stop. The moral of the story is it's Drinking Game Friday and I am PSYCHED! Like psyched enough to start a cheer, psyched. (But not psyched enough to finish that cheer. I mean, I love DGF, but I'm not in love with it.)

I would like to share with you a series of emails that Alex and I exchanged yesterday. Please keep in mind that we both went to an extremely expensive college and graduated with honors. Thank you.

From: Meg
To: Alex
Subject: none
I love the phrase "put the moves on." As in, did he put the moves on you?

From: Alex
To: Meg
Subject: re: none
I would literally allow my stapler to put the moves on me.

From: Meg
To: Alex
Subject: re: re: none
HAHAHAHA! I'm so putting the moves on you the next time I see you.

From: Alex
To: Meg
Subject: none

From: Meg
To: Alex
Subject: re: none
o0o00OOOoo0o0o0o...That stapler is getting fresh with you, sir.

From: Meg
To: Alex
Subject: My stapler is already involved

From: Alex
To: Meg
Subject: re: My stapler is already involved

From: Meg
To: Alex
Subject: SPENT

Via gchat
Alex: I was just lol-ing and everyone in my office kept asking me what was up
but I couldn't tell them
"oh my friend meg and I are exchanging semi-erotic pictures of staplers"
why not? it's completely normal.
alex, do you ever stop and think, "i went to college....for this?"
Alex: that's a point of pride
$40,000 a year
for this.

Oh office antics. They get us through the work day and keep us sane, bless their heart. Anna and I used to have "Fax Fridays" where we would try to out-fax each other something ridiculous. One time I simply scanned my middle finger and faxed it over to her. In Congress. ...

There's only one show that adequately displays the art and craft of office antics. That's right! Iron your khakis, reload your stapler and practice your best courtesy laugh—it's time for The Office Drinking Game! (American version)

Drink When:
- Anyone says "Dunder Mifflin"
Anyone says "That's what she said"
- Anyone says "question" before asking a question
- Anyone says "Vance Refrigeration"
- Pam says "This is Pam"
Pam says "Okay"
- Dwight says he's "assistant regional manager"
- Michael says "comedy" or "comedian"
- Michael says "Orfice"
- Kelly mentions a celebrity
- Andy calls Jim "Big Tuna "

- Jim looks into the camera when not doing an interview
- Andy and Dwight fight/argue/try to get on Michael's good side
- Dwight's Bubble Head Doll is seen.
- A Dundie is seen.
- Angela and Dwight have a conversation with their backs to each other
- Jim plays a prank on Dwight
- The party planning committee has a meeting
- Meredith's alcoholism is implied or expressed

As per always, thank you so much for reading, passing the blog along, joining our facebook page, following us on twitter and harassing me to get off my fat ass and oink my way to the gym. Have a great weekend and we'll see you back here Monday morning. Loveyoumeanitbyeeee!


Meghan said...

I got wasted just thinking about this. You realize this is like the CSI: Miami Drinking game, right? Where you're passed out by the first commercial break JUST drinking for things Horatio does?

Julia and I are going to "Jewish Professionals Happy Hour" on June 18th at Bar Louie. You should come with. It could potentially be good DGF material.

Caitlin said...

Amazing. I was already loving the last stapler picture when you hit me with the Office drinking game. I'm so playing tonight. I already watch my DVDs more often than is healthy.

Talia said...

omggggggggggg i love those pics!!!!! how did you get those pic texts? or are they e-mails from your guys' i-phones?

2 Birds, 1 Blog: The sardonic voice of 20-somethings everywhere, Monday through Friday. said...

Meghan: I'm only half-Jewish and in no way professional. Can I still come?

Talia: Yes, these are iphone emails. THE FUTURE IS NOW!

Meghan said...

I'm not even half, and I'm even less professional than that, so bring it on!

Maddie said...

okay a) that is the funniest conversation ever, and b) that drinking game sounds AWESOME. i laughed pretty damn hard :)

Meandering Mel said...

Oh my god.
I need to get drunk Friday night, and I think this will be how.


(Semi-erotic Stapler Sex Pics made me giggle. Thank you)

Ashley said...

"Spent" = Priceless.

Anonymous said...

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