You know you love me. XOXO, Drinking Game Friday

It's Drinking Game Friday gang! But guess what? This isn't just any Drinking Game Friday. No, this is perhaps the best Drinking Game Friday in the history of Drinking Game Fridays. Why, you may ask? Because I just found out that there is a Blair Waldorf sex tape. That's right. Blair Waldorf in nothing but a headband, gettin' her freak on. I haven't been this excited since I realized I could get free Kashi Go-Lean crunch through my office's Pea-Pod account.

Although the video hasn't officially been leaked yet, there's a teaser on Perez with stills and a promise that in the video, you see Leighton Meester give a "foot job." Frankly, the thought of Leighton Meester (or anybody for that matter) giving a foot job is enough to make me vomit my strawberry NutraGrain bar in my mouth a little bit. There's something so sad about Leighton Meester. I think it's because in reality, she's sort of white trash and has sketchy Lohan-esque family members who are always in-and-out of jail, trying to screw her out of money. That makes me sad. It also sullies the perfection and majesty that is Blair Waldorf, which makes me resentful. Therefore I choose to believe that Leighton Meester does not exist. Only Blair Waldorf. When I turn off the show, she continues to live in my TV and is in no way free to give anyone a foot job. I also choose to believe that the sex tape features Blair having a three way with Nelli Yuki and the ghost of Bart Bass. And she uses her vagina. Not her foot.

Unfortunately, since I haven't seen the Blair/Nellie/Bart sex tape (yet,) it can't be this week's Drinking Game. So, we'll just have to go with the next best thing. That's right, put some Lincoln Hawk in the tape deck, punch a Humphrey in the face and order Deroda to make you a martini—it's time for the Gossip Girl Drinking Game!

I have to insist that this be played with 40s and wine flavored Black & Milds (which it turns out have a grape aftertaste, therefore making them "wine flavored"). The irony makes the experience that much better.
Drink When:
- Gossip Girl posts (or people get texts from her)
Blair cries
Either Kati or Isobel speaks
- There is a drunk, slutty Serena flashback
- Either Dan or Jenny whines about being "poor"
Blair wears lingerie
- Dan judges Sererna
- Dan makes anybody feel bad about being rich
- Anyone gets it on in a limo
- Anyone travels from the Upper East Side to Williamsburg
- Jenny makes an article of clothing
- Lily says "Rufus"
- Daroda says "Yes, Ms. Blair"
- Anyone says "Lincoln Hawk"
- Rufus strums his gee-tar, all lonely like
- Anyone says "XOXO"

As always, thank you so much for reading, forwarding, following us on Twitter, joining the Facebook page and emailing us. We love you guys and we'll be back here bright and early Monday morning. Have a great weekend! Kbyeeee!


tiny_little_dot said...

This is hilarious. And so apt for today.

Hillary said...

i've never seen GG, but since you're so f-ing hilarious, i'm inspired to try it on for size (with suggested dose of OE and flavored black + mild, of course) -- thanks for amusing me at work!

Caitlin said...

We should add a drink for every time Blair says "Nelly Yuki." (No I didn't just watch the entire first season on DVD.....)

I must play this game. You're hitting my weak spot, what with The Office last week and GG this week.

Anonymous said...

Its fate. Today, all the way out in Phoenix, Arizona as I was driving to work, I saw on the median and empty, abandoned pack of wine flavored black and milds. Obviously, thought of 2b1b and then the GG drinking game features them? Almost too good to be true. Feel good knowing that it is apparently a nation wide enjoyment. Also, that the people who smoke them enjoy leaving the packaging in public places.

ps. the label really does class it up, oh so much.

Anonymous said...

You should add, "Any time Chuck Bass is overdressed."

You'll be blacked out in 15.

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