It was a dark and stormy Drinking Game Friday...

Oh god. It's another Roller Coaster of Emotions kind of morning. Because I'm That Guy who everything is a Simpsons quote to, this is what I feel like:

It turns out Vern the Installer Crush is MARRIED.
That's bad.

But they got done with the install early so he, along with the rest of the construction crew and obnoxious executives, left early!
That's good!

But I still had to work late last night.
That's bad.

But afterward, Alex and I went to the W for trendy and delicious drinks!
That's good!

...Where I inappropriately shouted "cock-block" really loudly.
That's bad.

But I had so many homemade ginger Dark and Stormy's, it didn't matter.
That's good!

Which is why I'm completely hungover this morning.
That's bad.

At least I got a delicious turkey sub from Subway on my way home last night!
That's good!

Which I dropped literally the second I sat down to eat it, causing the contents to spill out and all over my rug.
That's bad.

But there was still time to catch the last 15 minutes of Project Runway!
That's good!

Except I turned on the TV to discover my cable had been turned off due to lack of payment.
That's bad.

Which should be remedied soon, as today is payday.
That's good!

But my boss didn't deposit my paycheck.
That's bad.

At least it's Drinking Game Friday!
That's good!

But I'm far way hungover and to think of a drinking game.
That's bad.

Good thing Jason sent me this awesome Boy Meets World Drinking Game last night!
That's good! Really, really, really good.

Because, "Life's tough. Get a Helmet." - Eric Matthews

Drink when:
- Eric yells "FEENY"
- Shaun does something extremely dramatic
- BMW breaks down social barriers or addresses cultural concerns (i.e., interracial couples, teen drinking, and pre-marital sex)
- They eat at Chubby's
- Cory acts obscenely Jewish
- They're in the backyard with Feeny
- Shaun becomes an orphan
- Eric adopts the kid through the Big Brother program
- Shaun and Angela break up
- Cory and Topanga sing “WAR!” at karaoke
- Every time they switch the actress who plays Morgan.

Thank you Jason and friends! And thank you reader! Thanks for preaching the good 2b1b word, shootin' us emails, following us on Twitter, joining the Facebook page, voting for us here, here AND here and just for generally being you. Now I'm going to go try not to vomit Dark and Stormy everywhere, but I'll see you right back here Monday morning. Byeeee!


Unknown said...

Today seemed like a normal day. GOOD!
But then I got laid off. BAD!
But not till March 1st. GOOD!
Then I might have to move back in at home. BAD!
But I get severance pay and unemployment. GOOD!
Which is barely enough to pay my rent and bills with. BAD!
But I'm gonna go back to school. GOOD!
Which means I need to take out more grants and loans. BAD!
But hopefully I can get enough extra to live off of on my own. GOOD!
And today's DGF. BAD! Wait, that's a GOOD. 2 GOODS in a row? I guess today's not so bad after all. Feel better Meg.

Dan C. said...

Damn, seems like everyone's in a lousy mood today. Might I suggest more reasons to drink at BMW episodes?
- Anytime Minkus says something someone his age wouldn't understand.
- Young Topanga does something stereotypically flower child.
- Eric fixes his hair.
- Shawn fixes his hair.
- Topanga flips/fixes her hair.
- Young Morgan has a tea party.
- The Matthews parents try to have a romantic moment that gets spoiled.
- Feeny gardens.
- A reference to Philadelphia or a Philly sports team.
- Mr. Turner wears his leather jacket and/or is holding his motorcycle helmet.
- Frankie and/or Joey threaten someone.
- Frankie has an emotional/philosophical moment.

That should sufficiently get us drunk enough to survive this depressing Friday. Plus I got to open Wikipedia twice to make sure I spelled Minkus correctly and when second guessing myself that Joey was "The Rat" and Frankie was the quiet, pensive force in the bully duo.

Unknown said...

Touche, The D. Consider those added to the official rule book!

Olivia said...

sounds like you are having my kind of week and for that, i sympathize...at least its the weekend! :)

Rachel said...

love you meghan :)

LW said...

I was once so hungover at work that I DID have to run to the bathroom to throw up. One woman looked at me quizically and I told her I thought I might be pregnant. Several months later she ask me how things were "coming along." I just gave her a really sad look and she looked as if she understood. Is that bad karma???

Sole Matters said...

I like i like the "good" and "bad" game better than drinking game friday. can you incorporate more of the good/bad?

2b1b: The sardonic voice of 20-somethings everywhere, Monday through Friday. said...

I can certainly try. But I think DGF is here to stay.

Berna said...

You've married 2B1B and Boy Meets World -- two of my favorite sources of wit and banter.
Their witty, banterous babies that are sitting on my lap, smiling at me and running their hands through their hair, like Shawn Hunter & his 2-mile radius.


The Spiteful Chef said...

Dude, my mom picked up the phrase "cock-block" and uses it inappropriately in public places. And she's a librarian.

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