Happy President's Day!

Let's play a little game called, "How Well Do You Know Meg McBlogger?!"

Question 1: What do I love more than tacky animated gifs?
Answer? President's Day.

Question 2: Who is my favorite president?
Answer? 14th President of the United States, Franklin Pierce.

Question 3: Why is he my favorite president?
Answer? He had a faux hawk and a sword:

Question 4: Anyone with a faux hawk and a sword can __________?
Answer? Put it in me.

Question 5: By "it," what do I mean?
Answer? Not his sword.

Question 6: How did I spend my Valentine's Day?
Answer? Overeating take-out from The Cheesecake Factory, snuggling with the old Facebook ball and chain a.k.a. Talia, and watching The Time Traveler's Wife.

Question 7: What activity would have yielded the same result as watching that movie?
Answer? Beating myself in the heart with barbed wire.

Question 8: That being said, Eric Bana + sword
÷ faux hawk = what?
Answer? Lady Boner.

Question 9: Do I have today off of work?
Answer? Ummm...that's unclear at this point.

Question 10: Should I clear that up?
Answer? No, not necessarily.

Question 11: Why not?
Answer? Because clearing that up could result in me concretely knowing I have to go to work.

Question 12: Which would cockblock what activity that I'll be doing today?
Answer? Wedding dress shopping with Becca.

Question 13: For my wedding, or hers?
Answer? Uh, hi. Hers. The most meaningful relationship I have right now with someone from the opposite sex is with Bob Costas and his tantalizing sports announcing skills.

Question 14: That's sad.
Answer? I know.

Question 15: Do you think they'll have champagne at the bridal appointments?
Answer? I certainly hope so.

Question 16: What time do I have to be at Chevy Chase Bridal this morning?
Answer? 11am.

Question 17: Are those "my hours?"
Answer? No.

Question 18: Did my sister send me a text message specifically asking me not to be late?
Answer? Yes.

Question 19: Did I find that text message patronizing?
Answer? Yes.

Question 20: Do I blame her for sending it?
Answer? Sigh...No.

Question 21: What is my apartment like right now?
Answer? Freezing cold.

Question 22: How would I normally resolve this problem?
Answer? By calling Alex and whining until he either comes over and turns on the heat for me OR verbally amps me up like a hype man until I get up and do it myself.

Question 23: Why can't I do that right now?
Answer? Because he's in Mexico.

Question 24: With or without me?
Answer? Without.

Question 25: Which makes him _____.
Answer? GAY.

Question 26: Given that uncalled for last answer, I'm clearly just ______.
Answer? ...Jealous.

Question 27: What did Alex do President's Day before last?
Answer? He came to visit me in Brooklyn and got a vicious case of food poisoning when I got us lost in Sunset Park and hired a town car to take us to the nearest Burger King.

Question 28: When he finally started to feel a little better on Sunday, what did he order when Co-Blogger Chris and I took him out to lunch?
Answer? Ahi Tuna.

Question 29: What kind of a decision was that?
Answer? A unique one.

Question 30: More unique than hiring a town car to whisk you out of the ghetto and to the nearest Burger King?
Answer? I'd say so.

Question 31: So in summary, what does President's Day always make me think of?
Answer? Swords, faux hawks, hamburgers and Alex writhing around a futon in his boxers.

Question 32: Which makes it what?


Anonymous said...

Wow. I have been meaning to get around to watching that movie--the time travelers wife. beating my heart with barbed wire, thats about the equivalent i would expect to be doing when I finally do watch it, if ever.

also, I should mention I spent my v-day overeating mr chens chinese and watching Sextistics and another TLC special about sexual disorders, which actually made me depressed for about 2.2 until I realized I am just thankful I don't have sexomnia, or "tourettes of the genitals"......

have fun wedding dress shopping!!


Anonymous said...

He came to visit me in Brooklyn and got a vicious case of food poisoning when I got us lost in Sunset Park and hired a town car to take us to the nearest Burger King

LMFAO I was literally rolling on the floor laughing at this point because I literally had a similar experience, except it was taco bell.

Good luck dress shopping/champagne drinking! I wish i was doing that instead of working today.

PS. how can it be your favorite holiday if there are no mini flags involved?? unless someone is selling mini flags for president's day and i didn't get the memo

Grant said...

There was a True Life marathon yesterday. I learned a lot (read: nothing) about polyamory. I'm kinda bummed that I went out instead of watching Sexting in America or whatever that thing was called that was supposed to warn me about the dangers of putting my junk on the internet.

Angelle said...

You should see Eric Bana in Troy...le sigh...le swoon...

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

taaaaahahahahaha....sir, can i trouble you for a giggle at this blog post sir? even if it means i will nevah be able to crack even one smile again sir?

sorry for all the sirs last night. this post was amazing. alex IS gay. you two have a real thing for food poisoning and tuna though.

youre ok. SEE YOU ON FRIDEE!

Meredith Travels said...

I watched The Time Travelers Wife on a international flight on one of those fancy personal tvs in the seats and cried like a FREAK all by myself. Then I watched The Hangover directly afterwards and was laughing hysterically. I'm sure the people in the seats next to me thought that I was an emotional fool or bipolar... either/or

Anonymous said...

my favorite post so far!! thanks for keepin the laughs coming..they are definitely needed seeing as it is the day after valentines day!

Hails said...

I would normally complain about having to work another "holiday" but today is my last week of work with no new job so YAY FUNEMPLOYMENT TO COME!

austin said...

Is it weird that every time I see someone post a comment anonymously, I get defensive?

Amanda said...

My President's Day consisted of lying around in over sized clothes and then realizing, "Wait I don't have off for presidents day...sigh." Then getting dressed in clothes that society thinks are work appropriate.

-Happy President's day -.-

2b1b: The sardonic voice of 20-somethings everywhere, Monday through Friday. said...

PS. how can it be your favorite holiday if there are no mini flags involved??

There was a True Life marathon yesterday. I learned a lot (read: nothing) about polyamory.
How hard did you laugh at...well...all of it?

sorry for all the sirs last night.
The sirs were cracking me up last night! Sorry I had just had an emotional abortion when you came home and was all cracked out and sahd!

I would normally complain about having to work another "holiday" but today is my last week of work with no new job so YAY FUNEMPLOYMENT TO COME!

Is it weird that every time I see someone post a comment anonymously, I get defensive?
Meh, when they're nice it doesn't bother me as much. When they're telling me that I should rip out my ovaries and burn them at the stake because someone as god awful as me should never procreate, then I get huffy.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Laura said...

Meggles, I think since you wrote an awesome and hilarious post on a day when most of us are sleeping in and watching trashy reality tv while hungover, any anonymous haters have officially been proven to be full of shit.

Unknown said...

hahahaha i just found your blog and i'm loving it already!

Talia said...

you were the best valentine EVER!


2b1b: The sardonic voice of 20-somethings everywhere, Monday through Friday. said...


hahahaha i just found your blog and i'm loving it already!
Ooo, thank you! Tell a friend!

you were the best valentine EVER!



Love you, sir.

Anonymous said...

i'm such a weirdo, but i totally read this blog entry in like two voices inside my head. question: in a monotone computer voice. answer: in a funny girly voice. wow i'm way too easily amused. clearly i'm cracked out as well.

love your blog!

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